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Roche is perhaps one of the most craziest characters in Final Fantasy VII Remake, carrying a Sword and riding around on a motorbike most of the time.

Though he works for Shinra he didn’t really care for them too much during this fight.

NAME: Roche
CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – Mad Dash
HP: 4488
DROPS: Elixir

Roche is quite fast and can deal a fair amount of damage, however he is not that difficult really.

​You will want to play this fight rather defensively and keep your guard up as much as possible.
Along with his sword attacks he will also use magic attacks too such as Thundara which is basically an upgraded form of the Thunder spell.
Another one of his major attacks is Combustion Sword where he will slam his sword onto the floor and cause a good amount of damage that way too.

Just keep your guard up and every time he tries to attack you he will end up stunned instead which will give you a great opportunity to deal some damage to him.

As I already mentioned this one is more about playing it defensively and keeping your guard up as much as possible. 

(Sadly, I decided to delete my no damage taken fight against this version of Roche, as I had done it after completing this guide and thus thought it was pointless adding it. An easier way to defeating Roche is to learn the parry mechanic and wait for his attack, simple!)

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