(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : In Lockstep (Bypass Delta-Level) Trophy Achievement Guide

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One of the many trophies and achievements within Final Fantasy VII Remake or FF7 Remake for short is known as In Lockstep.

Basically you are required to bypass the highest security (Delta – Level) in order to unlock a door and thus unlock the trophy achievement.

In order to unlock this trophy achievement you need to be on Chapter 7 – A Trap is Sprung and be at the Front Gate section of the map, if you are unsure then the Front Gate is rather close to the end of the Chapter

When you arrive at the Front Gate you will need to mess around with some levers on a machine, in doing so a door will open. From there you can continue the game and move on from that frustrating machine, seriously it took me close to 3-4 hours to complete the entire thing and I still don’t know what I was doing wrong for it to take so long…

I even decided to make an amusing video of the entire thing, showing both Cloud and Barret and their frustrations at trying to solve the thing grrr!!! Take a look;

Anyway continue the game as normal until you manage to open the first door at this point you will want to stop following the story as it’s here where you can unlock the trophy achievement.

In this same very room there should be a machine nearby that you can interact with, it will be by the door and Barret will probably comment on it too saying ‘Whatcha’ll got tucked away in that vault, huh?’ 

Now none of this will work if you do not interact with this machine here, so make sure you do that.
After doing so you will then need to go back to that wonderful lever machine once again and this time there will be at least 3-4 different sequences that you will need to go through before the next door opens revealing the trophy achievement as well as the Magic Up Materia

Good luck!

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