(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake – Ghoul (Boss Fight) Guide

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Lets be honest what would be the point of having a crazy graveyard without a terrifying ghost to come and haunt everyone? Wouldn’t seem right, would it?
Thus here we have our not so friendly neighbourhood ghost, Ghoul..

Ghoul will be a story boss found within Chapter 11 – Haunted and with hands like that, it really is a bit frightening..

NAME: Ghoul
CHAPTER: Chapter 11 – Haunted
HP: 10276
DROPS: Subversion Materia

The Ghoul has the ability to switch between physical form and ghost form, meaning that sometimes your melee attacks will not work on it and vise versa for using Magic.
To begin with your good to go with melee attacks. Keep this in mind though, if melee attacks no longer work switch to magic and preferably Fire based magic too, since it has a weakness to it.

The Ghoul overall isn’t that tough or at least shouldn’t be as it has a minimal amount of attacks at its arsenal and an easy enough fight mechanic too.

Just watch out for it’s piercing scream attack which can stun your party and if your stood next to one of it’s blue spiritual energy, it can get in a bit of a combo too. 

If the Ghoul is about to use a dangerous attack like Phantasmic Flurry, you can always negate this by casting Fire on it and thus it will stop moving for a bit. 

Balefire is one of its favourite abilities that it will use. When it uses Balefire it will summon several of the blue spiritual energy clouds that I spoke of earlier, these can track you and follow you for a brief set time. If you get hit by this it will cause quite a bit of damage. 

This fight shouldn’t really pose much of a problem, if it starts using the tables and equipment in the room simply head down the small set of steps here to avoid any potential damage. 

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