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The dynamic duo are back and are just as crazy as ever. This will be the second time in fighting them but our first time in fighting both of them together, it is a boss fight that you will come across during Chapter 12 – A Fight for Survival

NAME: Reno
CHAPTER: Chapter 12 – A Fight for Survival
HP: 8878
DROPS: Turbo Ether
STEALABLE ITEMS: Magician’s Bracelet

NAME: Rude (When he lands)
CHAPTER: Chapter 12 – A Fight for Survival
WEAKNESS: Wind / Poison
HP: 8878
DROPS: Mega Potion
STEALABLE ITEMS: Heavy Duty Bracer

As soon as the battle begins quickly block as Reno will always or most of the time at least start with his Flashfoot ability. Flashfoot is a fast lightning attack that you cannot simply run away from as Reno comes storming towards your party and combos them into an air attack.

Reno will also use his EM Triple Shot which will be a familiar move that he also used during Chapter 8 – Budding Bodyguard. This will cause him to fire several projectile shots at your party members.

Electroburst is another of his fancy moves which is his only actual AOE ability. This move will see him leap into the air and come crashing down and hitting anyone close to him with electricity.

When Reno has taken enough damage a short scene will play out and Rude will come to his aid. 
Rude still in the Shinra Helicopter will now start to release bombs in an ability known as Special Delivery from the Chopper, so you will want to avoid this.
Thankfully these bombs are released in a single straight line and thus should be easy enough to avoid. 
Rude will also only release these bombs every now and then and thus it won’t be constant.

However, the bad news is that Reno now has more abilities to unleash on your party, including Pyramid.
Pyramid is a single character attack and though it doesn’t do any real damage to that party member, it will trap that character in a Pyramid and thus they will not be able to move and you cannot control them either.
The only way to escape this attack is to attack that Pyramid character in order to release them.

Eventually Reno will be out of action, at least for now. Thus you will now need to turn your attention to Rude who is still enjoying throwing bombs everywhere.
Focusing your attacks on him now, simply use magic of any kind as he currently isn’t strong or weak to anything.
Also, even if you fail to reduce his health a short cutscene will play after a set time regardless.

After this said scene ends you will now be facing off against both Reno and Rude in a 3 Vs 2 battle. 
Thankfully unlike Reno, Rude does have a few weaknesses that you can exploit including Wind and Poison.

Rude will use familiar attacks that you would of seen during the fight against him back in Chapter 8 – Budding Bodyguard.
Including Shockwave where he punches that ground and causes a tremor that races towards your party. 

Also, if you manage to get at least one of them down and out of health doesn’t mean that they are going to stop attacking, nope.
In fact getting at least one of them down means next to nothing as they will both continue to attack until you manage to defeat them both.
However, whichever one you manage to beat first will no longer be a foe that you can attack and target, so you simply have to put up with it.

Being a double edged sword also means that they can perform a combo attack of their own, this move is known as Turks Combo. Where they will perform a deadly combo together and if you get hit by this, you will loose quite a bit of health.

It will probably be a tough fight but fighting the dynamic duo will never be that easy. Just keep your guard up at all times, attack anyone who gets hit by Pyramid and use Wind and Poison on Rude whenever possible.

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