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The Heavenly Dart Player is another trophy achievement that you can unlock and you can actually unlock it rather early in the game too. (Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Slum)

The trophy achievement itself requires you to Rise to the top of the Seventh Heaven darts leaderboard.
Thus as you would probably expect this can only be done at Tifa’s Seventh Heaven Bar in Sector 7 Slums

Though as we type this we are unsure if this is another missable, considering that the game does indeed prompt you about a path of no return, however we would assume that yes this is indeed another missable trophy achievement.

Anyway what you are required to do is to get the top spot in this mini game, if you look on the wall whilst in the Bar you will find a note which lists several characters including Biggs, Barret and Jesse and how many Darts they took in order to complete a single game of Darts.

The notice should read something like this…


​RANK:               NAME:                 DARTS:   
  1                   Wedge                     8
  2                      Tifa                       9
  3                    Jessie                    9     
  4                     Johnny                 10
  5                    Marle                  10
  6                   Barret                  10      

Meaning you will need to beat Wedge and his score of 8 Darts since he is currently sitting in top spot.

As for the game itself it’s not too difficult, I mean I’m not exactly an expert at it myself and I managed to do it on my third or fourth attempt as I started to learn the game. It’s a little similar to the Darts mini game in the Yakuza game series which helped, for me anyway.

Regardless what I did in order to pull this off was aim at the Bullseye over and over until I could finally go for a Single or a Double, I usually do this in the Yakuza games too ha! I honestly know nothing about Darts so it seemed like the most simple method for me ha!
Basically you want the number on the left of the screen 301 to hit 0 and the Bullseye is the highest scoring target you can aim for using a single Dart, the Bullseye decreases your score by 50.

The main issue however, is the actual aiming system of this mini game. Whilst playing, the aiming cursor will keep moving around and making it difficult to actually aim for the particular board that you want. Hence why this took me a few attempts.

Alongside that in the middle of this cursor is a yellow aiming sight, which a partly visible blue outline will keep going to and way from.
Your goal here in order to get a Perfect throw is to keep the aiming cursor near where you plan to throw the Dart and quickly when the blue outline gets close to the yellow one move the cursor to the area you want to aim for and then throw!

If you are too impatient then the Dart will end up where you didn’t want it despite the fact the cursor was positioned where you wanted it to be thrown, the moving cursor plays a massive part to this mini game, so keep an eye on it and time your throws accordingly.

It may take a few attempts but it certainly shouldn’t be that difficult to pull off.

Thanks To Buttersheep:


The “highest scoring target you can aim for using a single Dart” is a triple-20. Using these it is possible to score a 301 in 6 darts. It took about 30 minutes for me.

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