(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake Vs Original (OG) Opening Intro Comparison Cutscene / Cinematic

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This comparison basically shows the difference between the Final Fantasy VII (FF7R) Remake opening intro and the Final Fantasy VII Original (OG) opening intro.
What exactly differs between the two different opening cinematic cutscenes exactly? Well lets find out shall we..

This is actually a comparison video I did a while back (around June 2019) so a good few months back really. Anyway long story short I for some unknown reason didn’t post it onto my website and thus here we are, seriously I’m great at promoting other people’s work but terrible at actually promoting my own.

It was just after E3 of 2019 when I decided to create this video, I had actually done a few comparison videos based on the Resident Evil 2 Remake and thus though I don’t really do them often I am not exactly new to it neither. Before I forget lets promote those comparisons (SELF PROMOTE YOU IDIOT!!!) Seriously I spend ages making these videos to only leave them without tags, sometimes descriptions and wonder why they get left in the pile with zero views #disappointed 

Anyway moving swiftly on.. 

​(Note: For those who may be blind or somewhat confused the original picture is on the right whilst the Remake is on the left)

First up you can tell just how different Aerith looks (yes I’m calling her Aerith, after all the original game manual told me that it’s her actual name and not Aeris!!), anyway though this is actually taken from the same spot of the actual intro to the games where Aerith is sitting down, you can clearly tell that unlike the original Aerith the remake version has her eyes closed, unless this was actually recorded slightly out of sync I do remember trying to keep the video in sync as much as possible and it has been a while since I created this, so forgive me if I’m mistaken here ha!
Also, lets not forgot to mention just how beautiful Aerith now looks in proper HD graphics, though the old polygon Aerith was also nice looking too of course..

For this next one we can compare the streets and that lovely familiar Loveless store (which was quite a topic back in Crisis Core).
From this angle the Loveless store sign actually looks like it is facing more towards us in the original picture, whilst it is facing more toward the right in the Remake despite the fact that the camera is still facing the same way, though having said that the Remake picture is taken more from an aerial view. Still without a doubt someone did move that sign a bit hmm.. 
Also what happened to the store with the clear white writing next to the Loveless store? its not even there in the Remake…

For this last comparison that I’ll be talking about is the what we personally class the main centre of the starting town of Midgar, simply because it looks like the centre with a posh looking Fountain and such. 
We cannot really comment too much on this as we unfortunately haven’t been able to fully explore this town since a lot of it was limited back in the original and the Remake doesn’t come out until next month.

However, despite the original picture being somewhat dark mainly due to the polygons and graphics back in the day we can however just about see the archway has somewhat changed its shape a little bit.
Whilst in the original it looks much more wider, in the Remake it looks a bit more narrower and way more lit up too. Also, is it me or has someone stolen the clock?

You can watch the rest/full comparison video here:

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