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One would think that the team over at Square Enix wouldn’t include this iconic demonic house, however they really outdid themselves with this remake and didn’t leave anything out it would seem, not even this giant contraption. It certainly isn’t a house that I would like to move into any time soon, that is for sure..

NAME: Hell House
CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – The Town That Never Sleeps
WEAKNESS: Ice (Majority of the time)
HP: 18770
DROPS: Fuzzy Wuzzy
RARE DROPS: Mr Cuddlesworth
STEALABLE ITEMS: Mr Cuddlesworth

The Hell House is back and this time he is a little more aggressive and stronger than it’s original counterpart.

The House also comes with up to 3 different phases too, the first one of course being the easiest one.

Attack the House using Ice attacks (if you have it equipped), if not the best strategy would be to use Abilities such as Infinity’s End. Most likely during the duration of this fight normal and basic attacks will only scratch the boss, so try and refrain from doing that unless you have no other means of attack at the present, for example your ATB isn’t full.

The House will occasionally use Barrier Shift which will mean that you can attack using spells and some of these spells will also mean that it will now be immune, so be careful. Remember to use Assess to see which element it is currently weak/strong to. For most of the video I used Abilities as it seemed to be much easier than having to spend ATB bars in order to find out which element to use next.

During the fight the House will use an attack known as House Call which will now mean Phase 2 has started.
In Phase 2 the House will now grow a pair of legs and resemble more of a bird, than a house. 

In this fight the House will now be able to use a move known as God House Mode which will create a barrier around itself and nullify damage even more, as if it wasn’t already difficult to land a proper hit on it.

The House can also use an attack known as Renewed Hospitality which will suck a nearby enemy (one of your party members) inside it for a short while before spitting you back out and causing damage. So if you see this move pop then try to keep away from it before it turns you into lunch!

Another good tip for this battle is to aim for it’s arms rather than the House itself (I only realised closer to the end of the fight), it seems that it’s arms are a weak target and thus a great opportunity to actually land a proper hit. 

It’s other move that we have yet to cover is one known as Chair Salvo Deluxe where it will fly onto a nearby platform and out of reach for melee fighters such as Cloud. Here it will attack using Chairs and projects. 

Housing Shock is one of it’s moves where he will charge at you and turn the ground into an electrifying carpet for a few seconds. So keep your distance and avoid this attack too.

It’s final move which will be one known as Hellbound where it will be flying for a short while and then a short timer will activate and once it reaches one it will come flying at your party and try to land on top of them causing damage that way too.

For me during my first attempt at the boss, it took quite a while to finally finish it off. It’s by far the longest boss fight thus far. However, as long as you know how to deal with it hopefully it won’t be too bad. 

The weaknesses and strengths are as follows:

​Fire – Weak to Ice
Ice – Weak to Fire
Wind – Weak to Lightning
Lightning – Weak to Wind

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