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Shiva will be the first obtainable Summon from completing Chadley’s Battle Intel side quests. You can obtain her by completing the other Battle Intel side quests from Chadley and then when you talk to him again, he will tell you about VR Missions.

Accessing these VR Missions will allow you to fight Shiva in a Combat Simulation.

NAME: Shiva
CHAPTER: N/A (VR Mission)
HP: 9713

As previously mentioned Shiva will be your first Summon battle and thus upon completion you should also net the Summon Slayer trophy achievement. 

Anyway one of Shiva’s abilities or moves is known as Whiteout which basically casts a sheet of Ice onto the floor, so try to avoid this and to be honest it’s not that difficult to do so anyway.
However, if you are hit by this then Cloud will be stunned for a short while.

Another one of Shiva’s abilities is Icicle Impact where she will cast a large rock of Ice at Cloud, though it does a fair amount of damage, it unlike Whiteout will not cause Cloud to be stunned.

Shiva also has the ability to cast Frost Familiars which will summon small ice wisps to help aid her. 

Another move to watch out for doesn’t exactly have a name but when Shiva moves around she will leave trails of Ice behind her and if Cloud touches this, his ATB gauge will become slow and will fill up much more slowly.

The major ability that can and will cause quite a bit of damage is her Diamond Dust ability. Shiva will perform this move when her health gets to at least half way or more. This move can instantly kill you or do enough damage to put Cloud in danger. 

Be sure to equip yourself with anything that can help with Ice attacks and use Ifrit when possible

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