(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Shears’ Counterattack (Side Quest) Guide

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Shears’ Counterattack is another side quest that can be found during Chapter 9 – The Town/City that Never Sleeps.

It will pit you against some robotic enemies and is the equivalent quest to a Dynamite Body

SIDE QUEST NAME: Shears’ Counterattack
QUEST GIVER: Gatekeeper
ACTIVATED: You will need to complete the following steps in order to unlock this one;
Step 1)Ignore Johnny and do not follow him.
Step 2) Choose ‘No Deal’ at Sam’s Coin Toss
Step 3) Choose ‘Poor Man’s Course’ at the Massage building
Step 4) Complete The Party Never Stops
CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – The Town that Never Sleeps
REWARD: Arcane Scepter
REQUIREMENT: Slay Jury-Rigged Cutter
LOCATION: Madame M’s Massage Building

As you head to Madame M’s building the Gatekeeper will appear and let you know that the fans want to see you in action over at the Coliseum once again

So get your scrawny butt back to the Coliseum and lets compete! Lets show the fans what they want to see!

Once you arrive you will be given an option of either Special MatchFree Battle or Cancel for this you will need to select Special Match

You will now be fighting against a Jury-Rigged Cutter which is basically an improved version of Cutty that you fought in the story.

Again being a machine it has a weakness to anything and everything Lightning based, so take advantage of that. 

You should be used to these types of enemies by now and this one even though it’s a quest monster isn’t really much different from the others.

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