(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Price Of Thievery (Side Quest) Guide

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It seems that the Angel of the Slums may of returned but is it really her? Mireille seems to disagree. However, a calling card has been found so it’s time to do some detective work!

SIDE QUEST NAME: Price of Thievery
ACTIVATED: You will need to complete the following steps in order to unlock this one;
Step 1) Ignore Johnny at the start who will be running around
Step 2) Choose ‘No Deal’ at Sam’s Coin Toss
Step 3) Choose ‘Poor Man’s Choice’ at the Massage building
CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – The Town that Never Sleeps
REWARD: ​Turbo Ether and Real Calling Card
REQUIREMENT: Slay Beck and his bandits

This chapter is special that it requires you to complete certain tasks before being unlocked. Anyway once you do have it unlocked you should be able to see this quest on the map, you will see an old friend from Chapter 8 (if you completed the quests there). Mireille will be having an argument with a Stablehand about the Angle of the Slums and a Calling Card.

Apparently someone has stolen a shipment that was meant for the Leaf House and it is up to Cloud to go and investigate.

If you just follow the path here to the right and continue down this route, head through the park here that you reached with Aerith a while back.

Soon you should hear Beck and his merry band of thugs laughing in the distance, it turns out that Mireille was indeed correct and that it was all down to a bunch of hoodlums.

This time around Beck and his men have managed to pick up a new member of the team, Grungy Bandit.
Grungy will be the only real tough enemy here as he can attack with counterattacks and do a bit more damage, however even he shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Grungy is weak to Fire so take advantage of that

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