(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : A Dynamite Body (Side Quest) Guide

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A Dynamite Body is the final side quest that you can complete during Chapter 9 – The City That Never Sleeps

It requires you to return to the Coliseum and fight one last time in order for Sam to be proven of your worth and to save Tifa from the claws of the Don.

This quest also only appears if you are aiming for the Blue Cloud dress at the end of the chapter.
You see this chapter is rather unique in that some of these side quests will only activate depending on the choices you made earlier in the chapter. See here for details. 

SIDE QUEST NAME: A Dynamite Body
ACTIVATED: After completing Burning Thighs and The Party Never Stops
CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – City that Never Sleeps
REWARD: Arcane Scepter
REQUIREMENT: Slay x2 Bombs
LOCATION: Wall Market

As already mentioned this quest will only unlock after you have completed both Burning Thighs and The Party Never Stops. Sam will have one final task for you and that requires a trip back to the Coliseum. 

Once at the Coliseum go and speak to the Gatekeeper here and once prompted choose the ‘Special Match’ option and this will put you into a fight against x2 Bomb enemies. 

The Bomb enemies aren’t exactly weak to anything and they can also explode if you take them on incorrectly.
For example if you hit them whilst they use the ability Inflame they will gradually get larger and larger until they explode and cause massive damage.

Simply attack them using Abilities and Magic, they are not too bad as long as you come in with some sort of powered up weapon and accessories.

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