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This quest can be found during Chapter 9 – The Town/City that Never Sleeps. It is also a reference to the original game too which will force you to speak to a Clothing Store Owner and his Son.

SIDE QUEST NAME: The Party Never Stops
QUEST GIVER: Clothing Store Owner’s Son
ACTIVATED: You will need to complete the following steps in order to unlock this one;
Step 1) At Vegabond Johnny (Discovery) say ‘Yes’ and follow him.
Step 2) Pick Heads or Tails at Sam’s Coin Flip
CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – The Town that Never Sleeps
REWARD: Turbo Ether / Dynamite Body (Side Quest)
REQUIREMENT: Find the ”Inspiration”
LOCATION: Wall Market / Drunkards / Clothing Store / Pharmacist / Materia Store / Restaurant

Turns out that the Clothing Store’s son wants his dad to get his scrawny butt out of the nearby Pub (I know the feeling) known as Drunkards.
Whilst you try and vacate the store you will bump into Johnny who wants to help as he knows that Cloud is trying to help Tifa.

Follow Johnny who will lead you to the nearby Bar (remember this place as we will be back here later).
Inside you can find the son’s father sat alone at the back near the Dart boards.

Turns out that the Store Owner isn’t happy with his life choices and has lost his inspiration to a local Materia Shop.
Our next destination is that very Materia store but sadly we cannot follow Johnny this time around, but don’t worry the map on where the store is can be seen in the picture below. (It is also marked on the map too, so if you end up getting lost then there is no hope in life)

You will also see Johnny when you arrive mumbling about something, regardless we need to speak to the man inside.

Just like with Drunkards you will want to remember this place too as you will be back here later.

​Seems that the Materia Vendor knows of this ‘inspiration’ but he has a task for you first before he will just hand it over to you.

This task will involve you needing to venture to the nearby Inn and get something from the Vending Machine.

Again Johnny will leave without you but the Inn is really close to your location, in fact just leave the Materia store and head right, follow the path a bit and you should see Johnny by the Inn talking to the Barker. (Image above)

Head inside the Inn and you should spot the Vending Machine to Cloud’s left, it is the only Vending Machine in the building.

The item you get using your Materia doesn’t make any difference to the completion of the quest, I’m not even 100% sure you will get anything special from it neither. All I got from using the Materia was a simple Moogle Medal.

Anyway regardless for the sake of this side quest and its completion you will need to keep playing with the Vending Machine until the Sauce drops out of the machine. The Sauce is the only really useful thing here and it is the requirement needed in order to progress. 

With The Sauce in hand we can now return back to the Materia Vendor

As you talk to the Vendor you will soon realise that he no longer has the ”inspiration” and instead the guy at the restaurant has it, that is our next step!

Seems the Restaurant Owner knows of who and what you speak of but he also has a problem, that problem is that his food doesn’t taste as nearly as good as it once used to. He doesn’t fully know what the problem is with his food but has managed to narrow it down to it either being one of the following; FridgeStove or Power Supply.

Again it doesn’t really matter what option you choose as you will find out more about his food later, also picking anything doesn’t result in a failed quest. You can select anything and based on the very vague evidence you have it could literally be anything, either way whichever you chose you will still be able to complete the quest.

Johnny being the daring individual that he is will now eat the food but as the Chef mentioned the food isn’t right, thus Johnny will now go running feeling very unwell.​

You will find Johnny on the floor about to cough a chunk on the local Pharmacist. You will soon be given a bottle of Antiemetic and Deodorizing Tablets

The next place will not be marked on your map but as I said earlier you will need to remember where a few of these locations are, one of which is the Drunkards Bar. Head back to Drunkards!

Back at Drunkards head for the counter and into a room at the back here, inside will be the bathroom and someone blowing chunks into the toilet. Apparently he ate at the same Restaurant that you just visited and he too was poisoned. 

It is this person here who will need both the bottle of Antiemetic and Deodorizing Tablets. After handing over the medicine you can now return to the Pharmacist and meet up with Johnny again who seems to be feeling much better now. 

After running around for a bit the Pharmacist will finally give you what you have been after from the start, the ”inspiration”. The ”inspiration” is actually a VIP Card to gain entry into the Honeybee Inn and where all of the ladies are at, pervs..

With the VIP Card in hand we can now head back to the drunken store owner over at Drunkards, head there!

Finally with the Store Owner now feeling much happier, he will finally stop sulking and go and walk off and out of the bar. Success!

You can now return back to the clothes store and tell his son of the good news? Whatever turns you on I guess ha!

You will be rewarded with a Turbo Ether for your troubles and the quest will also unlock A Dynamite Body side quest too​

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