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The Specimen H0512 is a creature that was developed and created by Hojo and the Shinra R&D Division. It also has the ability to evolve during combat.

The Specimen H0512 appears during the end of Chapter 16 – The Belly of the Beast

NAME: Specimen H0512
CHAPTER: Chapter 16 – The Belly of the Beast
HP: 23338
DROPS: Talisman
STEALABLE ITEMS: Timeworn Talisman

Unfortunately unlike some of the previous boss fights, this Specimen doesn’t have a specific weakness to any element. Neither is there much tactical data on it to help things a bit.

However, it does have a lesser resistance to Lightning, so keep that in mind. It can also summon some of it’s minions known as the H0512-0PT, feel free to eliminate some of these minions to help with the damage and numbers. However, the Specimen will summon more later.

One of the Speciman’s many abilities and attacks includes the Noxious Expulsion which when hit will cause Poison to those effected, you will need to either heal this or wait it out but obviously Poison will do damage over time.

A good way to deal damage to the Speciman as like with past boss fights, is to aim for it’s arms or in this case it’s claw.
The only bad thing is once the Claw has been dealt enough damage the Specimen will use Regrowth and create another arm to replace the dead one. This is meant to happen though and in fact you can call this Phase 2.

Watch out for the boss’s Rake move which is basically a charge ability, much like the Abzu’s charge in previous fights.

Also, another and potentially more dangerous attack is the minion’s ability of Apoptosis which is where they will detonate and explode and if there are several of these minions, then the damage can be quite deadly. Bit like a Minefield. 

By the end of the fight the Specimen will change it’s Poison attack from Noxious Expulsion to Mako Expulsion, if you get hit by this then you will be once again Poisoned, alongside being Slow

Thus for this fight make sure to keep your health in good condition, aim for the Specimen’s arms/Claws and eliminate as many of the minion (H0512-0PT) as possible, especially during the 3rd and final phase. Abilities such as Infinity’s End and Triple Slash is quite good.

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