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Subterranean Menace is another side quest that can be found during Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope.

This quest will require you to find and slay a large Behemoth. The location to this beast shouldn’t be too difficult as you have more or less already been there.

This quest will also be part of the Secret Medicine quest (Quest Clash). So I would recommend that you obtain that quest before beginning this one.

SIDE QUEST NAME: Subterranean Menace
CHAPTER: Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope
REWARD: A Wrecking Ball (Barret Weapon)
REQUIREMENT: Slay Type-0 Behemoth
LOCATION: Sector 6 – Evergreen Park

You can find Wymer standing muttering to himself in Evergreen Park of Sector 6 – Slums. ‘This is bad’ apparently.

After speaking with Wymer you will find out that we need to head to an Underground Lab, we have actually already been here before, during the story.

You can head back underground via the kid’s slide (seen in the image above). Whilst underground continue along the rather linear path until you reach a now open gate. This gate will take you back to the Lab.​

Once you have successfully returned back to the Lab, you will now become even more aware of the faint roar in the background, which is of course the Behemoth we are actually after.

Now in order to actually find it we need to head all the way back to Underground Lab – 5, it is here where you will notice a now open or rather damaged door with yellow tape around it. The Behemoth is inside here.​

Navigate your way through this damaged taped up door and eventually you will meet up with the rather large, Behemoth Type-0.

NAME: Type-0 Behemoth
CHAPTER: Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope
HP: 22044
DROPS: Behemoth Horn

The Behemoth has several body parts that you can target, however you mainly just want to target one section at a time.
Either starting with the upper body or lower body, aim for either of those and when one is down switch and aim for the other. This will stagger the beast.

Try to refrain from using any Spells when it’s horn is intact otherwise it will counterattack with a devastating move that can either kill or cause quite a bit of damage. 

Being a rather large beast the Behemoth will use this to it’s advantage and use it’s large tail and body as a weapon to swing, charge and pounce your party. So be careful.

Also when it is nearly dead make sure to heal your party as it’s final farewell present will be it’s iconic move of Meteor and this will hit your entire party. Though as we are currently underground, it will be a bunch of rocks and ceiling that comes down rather than an actual Meteor Shower. Regardless be ready for it.

Once you have successfully defeated the Type-0 Behemoth you can then report back to Wymer and end the quest.

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