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his quest will actually be the last one to feature Johnny (providing you did the one during Chapter 9). It will be unlockable during Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope.

It turns out that poor Johnny has had his wallet stolen and wants Cloud to investigate, this quest will also clash with another quest too (Corneo Secret Stash)

SIDE QUEST NAME: Tomboy Bandit
CHAPTER: Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope
REWARD: Corneo Vault Key. Johnny’s Wallet
REQUIREMENT: Get Johnny’s wallet back
LOCATION: Sector 5 – Station

As mentioned before poor ol’ Johnny has had his wallet stolen and thus needs Clouds help in getting it back.

After speaking with Johnny you will need to head for the Church where you met up with Aerith and fought off Reno. It is here too where you will encounter Damon and the Corneo Secret Stash side quest will begin. Lets continue with this one though.​

After speaking with Damon (I’m not sure if he still spawns if you didn’t complete his quest earlier or not), regardless we don’t need to worry about him right now anyway.

Instead head inside the Church and you will find Kyrie, the same person who was shouting rubbish about Avalanche earlier in Sector 5.

After listening to her complain about her stupidity and the fact that Shinra are now after her, we can head to the Coliseum.

When prompted choose the ‘Special Match’ option and you will then have to face off against a Beastmaster and a Hellhound.

The Beastmaster is the weakest one here so aim for him first. He is weak to Fire. Use Haste and keep attacking him with Fire until he looses enough health to have to start drinking. If he starts drinking then slowly over time attacks will no longer effect him as much and his stagger gauge will no longer fill. Use Haste and Fire to hopefully deal with him quicker. 

Hellhound: Being the strongest with a 19156 health to it’s name. This hound has a much more complex strategy in order to take it down. For this fight you will want to make sure you have IceFire and Healing spells to your advantage.
Fire will weaken it’s over all attacks, Ice will extinguish it’s red flame and Healing will extinguish the purple flame. So use Ice and Healing first before hopefully taking it down with Fire.

After the fight ends you can report back to Kyrie. 

Speak to Kyrie to end the quest, if you are aiming to get the Johnny trophy / achievement then don’t forget to report back to him. Reporting back to Johnny is actually optional.

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