(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake – Wavering Heart (Side Quest) Guide

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This quest basically unlocks the pull-up mini game where you can actually obtain the Peeress of Pull-Ups trophy achievement. It can be unlocked during Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope

Basically you will want to speak to Andrea and beat him in order to complete this one.

SIDE QUEST NAME: Wavering Heart
ACTIVATED: Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope
REWARD: Way of the Fist Vol III. Amateur difficulty unlocked
REQUIREMENT: Beat Andrea at pull-up minigame.
LOCATION: Wall Market – Gym

As already mentioned in order to complete this one you will need to defeat Andrea at a game of pull-ups

You will find him at the back of the room practising. Speak to him and agree to compete against him, though unlike with the squats you are limited to being able to use Tifa only

Now whilst this is rather similar to the squatting mini game, it is also quite a bit different and tougher too.
As with the squatting mini game you will want to press the corresponding button that the little white arrow is heading towards, this is very much like the squatting mini game here. However, the difference is that with this one there is a lot more buttons to press and the order can also be rather random too, for example your layout could be a lot different to mine in the picture above.
Also, unlike with the squatting mini game, there will be 2 rounds for this one and whatever points you score during the first round will count over to the next. 

Just concentrate on where the little arrow is headed and time your buttons correctly in order to beat him, I in all honesty don’t remember struggling against this guy.

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