(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Peeress Of Pull-Ups (Pull-Up Challenges) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Peeress of Pull-Ups is another trophy achievement that is found within Final Fantasy VII Remake.
For this one you are required to complete all of the different Pull-Up Challenges

In order to trigger this trophy achievement you first need to be on Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope and then complete the Wavering Heart side quest. The Wavering Heart side quest can be found at the Wall Market Gym

Here you will be able to see Adrea doing some pull-ups, you will need to talk and beat him in order to complete the Wavering Heart side quest. He shouldn’t be too difficult but you will need to use Tifa in order to beat him.

With the side quest out of the way, we can now move onto the actual trophy achievement. Just like with the squatting minigame from earlier (if you actually did those), you will be tasked with having to complete and beat certain individuals first before the next one unlocks and you can compete against them.

The mechanic to playing this mini game is a lot more technical and difficult compared to the squatting mini game. However, it is also very similar too in the fact that you need to press the corresponding buttons to what the arrow is heading towards. The only difference between this and the squatting is that this mini game has more buttons to press. 
There are also 2 rounds to each match-up too and the amount of successful pull-ups that you do also carries over to the next round. 

So first and the order in which you would need to complete this next section is;

Out of all of the different challenges Jules was the most challenging, not only because he is the last one to beat and it’s on Pro difficulty. However, prior to this point I actually wasn’t aware that you can press and time your button combinations much faster than I was previously doing.

So if you are struggling I would recommend that you try and speed up your button presses, whilst also trying not to let go of the bars of course. I also found that Jules isn’t as good on the first round as he is the second to take advantage of this and he always seems to only manage a 44-combo, so if you can beat 44 then you are golden!

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