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This quest will be available during Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope. Here we will see young Betty once again and she will be wanting to lift the spirits of everyone around with a lovely bit of music..

SIDE QUEST NAME: Power of Music
CHAPTER: Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope
REWARD: Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol III
REQUIREMENT: Find all 3 music CDs
LOCATION: Sector 6 – Wall Market

You can find Betty near the Jukebox (which should be marked on your map), if not then it is to the south of the map.

After speaking with Betty you will now be tasked with having to go and find some music CDs for the Jukebox, there will be 3 CDs that you can find and collect, each one of them will also count towards getting all of the music CDs too, providing you are aiming for that.

LOCATION: Coliseum – Souvenir Shop
You can find this one being sold by the Coliseum – Souvenir Shop for 50gil

ALBUM / MUSIC CD: Good Night, Until Tomorrow
LOCATION: Wall Market – Hotel/Inn
You can get this one by talking to the man in the corner of the rundown Hotel/Inn (Guest)

LOCATION: Wall Market – Honey Bee Inn (Secret Area)
To get this one you will need to head to the entrance of Honey Bee Inn and turn to Cloud’s left to see a small hidden area that you can crawl through. Beyond here is a woman who will give Cloud the CD for free

When you have successfully collected all of the music CDs, return back to Betty. Once you rejoin Betty once again, head to the nearby Jukebox and play every single track that you have just managed to find.

After each new track that you play, the other people nearby will join in and dance.. yay!

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