(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Secret Medicine (Side Quest) Guide

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This quest will be available during Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope. The Doctor will be in need of some extra herbs and ingredients so he can continue healing and helping the injured. 

​This quest will actually clash with another quest known as, Subterranean Menace.

SIDE QUEST NAME: Secret Medicine
CHAPTER: Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope
REWARD: Telluric Scriptures Vol III
REQUIREMENT: Get the following ingredients; Moogle’s MortarBehemoth HornMedicinal Flowers
LOCATION: Sector 5 – Center District

INGREDIENT: Medicinal Flowers
LOCATION: Sector 5 – Church
​The Medicinal Flowers can be found on the ground floor of Aerith’s Church. It will be distinguishable by a blue glow. 

INGREDIENT: Moogle’s Mortar
LOCATION: ​Sector 5 – Kid’s Area / Playground
You will get this one from the Moogle Merchant kid for 1 Moogle Medal

NGREDIENT: Behemoth Horn
LOCATION: Sector 6 – Evergreen Park
​For this one you will need to activate another quest, this quest will be found at Sector 6 – Evergreen Park and will be known as Subterranean Menace, Wymer will be the one with the quest.

​After accepting the quest from Wymer, head underground via the way you did during the story (under the children’s slide). This area will be familiar to you now, however if you continue on and keep an eye on Cloud’s right you will eventually come across a gate that was once locked.
Head through this gate. 

Keep following the linear path and you will eventually come into another rather familiar area, this area is where you had to control Barret and before fighting the Failed Experiment. Continue to follow the path and as you are wondering around here try and find that door you would of come across during your first trip here and where Barret would comment about it.

If your struggling to find the location then you will need to traverse back to Underground Lab – B5

You will want to enter the door that has yellow tapes and signs around it, this door was previously closed.

​Navigate your way through this door and the next and you should encounter the Behemoth, now it’s time to go and get your horn!

You should now have a Behemoth Horn and with the other ingredients in hand we can now return back to the Doctor and hand it all over to him. In doing so the quest will then end.

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