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Sadly there isn’t much in the way of Chocobo interaction in this game. However, despite that we do get to enjoy a small side quest which does include our favourite little yellow birds.

This quest will become available during Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope. You will be tasked with having to hunt down some missing Chocobos. 

SIDE QUEST NAME: Chocobo Search
QUEST GIVER: Stablehand
CHAPTER: Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope
REWARD: Sam’s Delivery lifetime pass
REQUIREMENT: Find the missing Chocobos
LOCATION: Sector 5 – Center District

Turns out that some of the Chocobos got startled and ran away, Cloud is now tasked with having to find them.

For an optional bit of dialogue you can visit Sam back at the Wall Market S7-6 road but it isn’t necessary and can be skipped if you chose to do so.
All Sam will do is thank Cloud for agreeing to help, you are not given any extra items or anything. All you are rewarded with is extra dialogue instead.

Anyway our main concern is getting those poor Chocobo back home and where they belong! You can find those in the following areas;

(Note: You will know when a Chocobo is nearby as you will be able to hear it, Kweh Kweh)

Sector 6 – Collapsed Expressway (Old Bypass)
When you encounter this one you will also be attacked by several new enemies (Trypapolis). These enemies have a very specific combat mechanic, the strategy to taking them down is to ignore them.

Keep ignoring them until one of them starts performing the Dance ability, at this point you need to deal enough damage to it until it spawns a new Trypapolis. 
This new Trypapolis will be known as Proto Trypapolis. The Proto Trypapolis are the real targets and defeating those will deal damage to the pre-Trypapolis. So lure the Proto ones out, defeat them and that is basically the entire strategy for this one. 

NOTE: You can learn Self Destruct enemy skill form the Proto Trypapolis

Sector 5 – Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hills
Just like with the last one, another enemy will show. This enemy will be known as a Rust Drake. The Rust Drake doesn’t have as complicated mechanic as the Trypapolis but they can cast Gravity and if they do this they will then be enveloped in Darkness.
Once enveloped in Darkness the Rust Drake will be immune to ALL magical spells. Thus the strategy with this one is to attack with everything you have whenever it decides to use the Gravity ability. 

Sector 5 – Sanctuary Way

Thankfully this Chocobo is not accompanied by any monsters or enemies, just simply feed it and you will hopefully have them all by now.

​Report your success to Sam in order to complete the quest and reap your rewards for a job well done! 

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