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This side quest can be unlocked and completed during Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope. For those who managed to complete the side quests for Chapter 8 – Budding Bodyguard, you will no doubt recognise this man. If not then Damon is a news reporter for Shinra.

SIDE QUEST NAME: Corneo’s Secret Stash
CHAPTER: Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope
REWARD: The Art of Swordplay – Volume III
REQUIREMENT: Obtain the Ruby TiaraDiamond Tiara and Emerald Tiara
LOCATION: Sector 5 – Sanctuary Way

This quest will most likely clash with another quest that you can unlock, Tomboy Bandit. I was actually trying to complete the Tomboy Bandit quest when this one suddenly popped!

Anyway Damon is a news reporter for the Shinra Daily Buzz. Damon is convinced that the Angel of the Slums is a thief and wants proof of the Angel’s identity. In return Cloud can have the contents of Corneo’s secret stash, as long as he manages to find the key of course!

After speaking with Damon you can now go and find Johnny and activate the Tomboy Bandit quest, which we will need to do as I mentioned before, the quests do clash.

Here you will find out that someone has stolen Johnny’s wallet and obviously he wants it back.

Turns out that the wallet thief was Kyrie and you can find her inside Aerith’s church in Sanctuary Way. It’s at this point where this quest would of activated if you chose to complete the Bandit quest first, again quest clash. ​Anyway speak to Kyrie here to learn of what to do next. 

Turns out that Kyrie has the key and stole it from Shinra, we need this key but sadly she will not let it go until we sort out the Shinra people chasing her first! It’s off to the coliseum!

When prompted choose the ‘Special Match’ option and you will then have to face off against a Beastmaster and a Hellhound.

The Beastmaster is the weakest one here so aim for him first. He is weak to Fire. Use Haste and keep attacking him with Fire until he looses enough health to have to start drinking. If he starts drinking then slowly over time attacks will no longer effect him as much and his stagger gauge will no longer fill. Use Haste and Fire to hopefully deal with him quicker. 

Hellhound: Being the strongest with a 19156 health to it’s name. This hound has a much more complex strategy in order to take it down. For this fight you will want to make sure you have IceFire and Healing spells to your advantage.
Fire will weaken it’s over all attacks, Ice will extinguish it’s red flame and Healing will extinguish the purple flame. So use Ice and Healing first before hopefully taking it down with Fire.

After the fight ends you can report back to Kyrie. 

When you return back to Kyrie the familiar face of Mireille will turn up and reveal herself as not only Kyrie’s Grandma but the actual Angel of the Slums herself.

As the conversation starts to come to a conclusion, Kyrie will now hand you the key and the Tomboy Bandit quest will now end and the Corneo’s Secret Stash quest will now update.

With the key now in hand we will want to travel around and locate the different Corneo stash locations. Though, there will be countless other treasures too and boxes to smash, the main items that you will want to find for the quest will be Ruby TiaraDiamond Tiara and Emerald Tiara


The areas you can found those in will be;

Sector 5 – Steel Mountain

Sector 6 – Collapsed Expressway (Caved-in Tunnel)

(Continue the story. Once a creature comes in to play (during the story), it will end up stealing a certain key that unlocks a door. You will then be forced to chase it down. After successfully getting the key back you can then progress with looking for the final Tiara.)

You will then need to head to the following sections of the Sewer area…

Sewer System – Old Trunk Line (Control Section) (Switch). You will need to flip the switch BEFORE you can pass the gate
Sewer System – Old Trunk Line (Former Disposal Area) (Gate). The final Tiara will be beyond this gate

However, after accessing the gate you will then encounter the Sahagin Prince here, just like his minions he too is also weak to Fire attacks. 

Once you have all 3 Tiara accessories the team will decide to report back to Marle and tell her of your findings.

Rest assured that exploring the Sewers will not put you into a place of no return, so feel free to complete the Sewer story segments at your own leisure and not worry over it.

Marle can be found in Sector 6 – Evergreen Park. Speak with her to end the quest.​

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