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Malicious Goons is a side quest that you can find in Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope. The quest can be activated by going to Wall Market and speaking to Madame M.

Remember the suspicious men from before? The men in the story that where looking for a man with a gun-arm? Well they are back and still tracking down a man with a gun-arm, uh-oh..

SIDE QUEST NAME: Malicious Goons
CHAPTER: Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope
REWARD: 186 Exp, 7 AP, 154 Gil, Elixir
REQUIREMENT: Slay a Tonberry
LOCATION: Wall Market / Sector 5 – Petal Lane

After speaking with Madame M who will be in Wall Market and outside her establishment, you will then need to travel to Sector 5 and where you first fought against Rude during the story (Petal Lane).

It is here where you will locate the malicious goons, being idiots that they are they will be too scared to take you on and thus will summon a Tonberry instead.

This will probably be the first time where you will encounter a proper Tonberry foe in the game and they are not to be taken lightly.

NAME: Tonberry
HP: 10428
DROPS: Elixir

As I said before the Tonberry is not a pushover and there is a huge chance that your party members will indeed fall in battle and if your not careful, you may even get a Game Over too.

A few moves that you want to watch out for is Chief’s Knife which can and most likely will kill a single party member in a single hit.
Doom and Gloom is another 1-hit move it can pull off too, whereas Chief’s Knife is performed when Tonberry get close to an individual, Doom and Gloom will be something similar but to a target at a distance. You cannot escape his 1-hit kills.

So the strategy for this one is to keep attacking it BUT as soon as a party member falls make sure to revive them before things get worse.

After successfully dealing with the Tonberry the quest will then end

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