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Failed Experiment is a strange looking boss that can be found and fought during Chapter 13 – A Broken World.

Unfortunately for this boss you will be a member short as only Barret and Tifa will be able to fight it as Cloud will be elsewhere for now.

Also to begin with you will only be taking on the Failed Experiment’s minions, after you have done enough damage and killed enough of it’s minions, the boss will then show itself.

NAME: Failed Experiment
CHAPTER: Chapter 13 – A Broken World
HP: 11229
DROPS: Mythril Claws

The boss’s minions are not too difficult though there are quite a lot of them, they do however have a weakness. Their weakness is Ice and thus you should try and exploit that.

When the main boss arrives, in order to progress the fight and allow Tifa to drop back off the platform you will need to defeat all of the minions that join her on this platform. When the minions are dealt with and stop spawning, the platform will then collapse and Tifa can finally join Barret once again. Getting the boss to stagger before this, also works too.

Anyway some of the Failed Experiment’s attacks include; Fury where he will use his arms and tentacles to swing at your party members.
He will also use his minions in an attack known as Claim and Fling where he will grab the minions and use them as projectiles. 

Livewire is another move that he can use, this will be an AOE attack, where he will charge electricity around his body. Thankfully this can easily be avoided if you are far away from him, so keep your distance.

Toxic Volley is another favourite move that it likes to do. This will send a cloud of poison towards a party member and if they get hit by this, they will become poisoned, so be sure to either avoid it or treat the poisoned individual.

The main strategy to taking this one down is to aim for his body parts rather than the actual boss itself. For example at the start aim for its Appendage and then later in the fight, target it’s Heart.

Be sure to take advantage of it’s weakness to Ice and heal when necessary.

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