(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Wastewater Pump (Puzzle Solution) Guide

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The Watewater pump is the next puzzle that you come across through the story and it can be found during Chapter 10 – Rough Waters

It will involve both Tifa and Aerith working together to activate the nearby pump station. You will have to successfully time your actions a total of 3 times in order to pass this puzzle and continue with the game

The way this one works is that you will first be controlling Aerith and her role isn’t to bad to begin with, at least.

You will need to flip the left analogue stick up (PS4) and this will then activate Tifa’s turn. Now the fun part begins!

As Tifa you will need to keep mashing the ‘X’ button (PS4) and in doing so the little red section of the mechanism will get larger and larger. However, it is actually a set section meaning that no matter how much you keep mashing the button, the section will not get any bigger than it is meant to be. Thus, do not waste too much energy on this.

After a set amount of time it will once again be Aerith’s turn and the more difficult part of this puzzle will now kick in.

As Aerith you will now need to press down on the left analogue (PS4) but time it correctly so that the little black dial lands inside the red section that Tifa just enlarged.

It may take quite a bit of time and thus you may need to redo it. However, thankfully if you manage to succeed a few times before failing then you will only need to restart at the point you just unfortunately failed at. There is no need to redo it all, all over again. 

Do this successfully 3 times and you will of completed this little puzzle. 

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