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Fat Chocobo is another summon that can be found in Chadley’s Battle Intel VR Missions. It is Report 10 and as a reward you can obtain the Fat Chocobo Materia.

NAME: Fat Chocobo
CHAPTER: N/A (VR Mission)
HP: 26070

The Fat Chocobo may look fat and cute but he can have one mean temper. He will also use his body as a form of weapon too, with the ability to use Boom which causes him to jump and land on top of your party, major squish..

As every Final Fantasy fan knows the Chocobos are best friends with the Moogles and thus shortly into the fight a random Moogle will indeed appear, this Moogle will try and assist the Chocobo to the best of its abilities. It will summon various different creatures such as a random Tonberry and that can mean trouble for both you and your party.

Thankfully though most of what the Moogle summons have barely any HP/health and it can also be great if you are planning on trying to Assess every monster in the game as chances are you have yet to even come across a Tonberry until now that is.

The Fat Chocobo also has the ability to use Wark! Wark! and Kewh! Kweh! which is a move where the Chocobo will then roll around and if you are hit by this, then you are basically stuck with being hit until the Fat Chocobo stops rolling about. Basically this move has the ability to stun lock you and prevent you from getting back up again, thus you will take multiple hits and thus damage. 

Bombs Away is also one of it’s most used abilities too, in which the Chocobo will throw out a random Christmas Bauble which will after a short while explode and cause damage. 

So basically as it isn’t weak to any form of element exactly, just keep wailing and smacking him one. Perhaps tell him he will be on the dinner menu if he doesn’t behave.

All around as he is only the second summon to actually fight, he isn’t too bad. Just keep away from his big moves like Wark! Wark! and Kewh! Kweh! as being hit by his rolling ability can be rather frustrating and will cause quite a bit of damage if he chooses to keep doing it too.

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