(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Returning Champion (Emerge Victorious – Coliseum) Trophy Achievement Guide

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One of the many trophies and achievements within Final Fantasy VII Remake is Returning Champion where you are required to emerge victorious in the Coliseum

It is actually an easy enough one to complete but you can only do so on Chapter 9 – The Town/City that Never Sleeps and after completing the story segment for that area. 

So you are on Chapter 9 – The Town/City that Never Sleeps and you have the story segment complete for that area (side quests unlocked), now what?

Well it’s simple really, just return back to the coliseum and speak to the Gatekeeper here. 

You can now face off against several enemies where items cannot be used and Cloud has to fight alone

Now I’m not sure if the enemies you fight are different dependant on the difficulty you chose to play on, for me as Normal was the only highest difficulty for me to choose at the time I was faced off against Wererat, GorgerBluguGuard DogHedgehog PieGrashtrike and lastly a Lesser Drake.

All of which where quite easy and nothing new for this stage of the game. However, this was my first time completing any other form of coliseum match since the story segment. It may be different to you I’m not sure.

Anyway regardless you will want to take part in one of these available Cloud solo matches, of which there will be 5 different stages before each match ends. 

For me as it was my first time I was rewarded with the Ascension Limit Break for Cloud

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