(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Robot Arms Puzzle Solution (Sector 6) Guide

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During the end of Chapter 8 – Budding Bodyguard and near the start of Chapter 9 – The Town/City that Never Sleeps you will encounter some giant robotic arms that form a puzzle in Sector 6

There will be a total of 3 of these giant arm or hand puzzles for you to solve, in doing so you can also get yourself some fancy Materia in the process too.


The procedure to completing this one is to do the following steps:

  • STEP 1) Lower the hand near Aerith
  • STEP 2) Let Aerith hop on to the arm
  • STEP 3) Move the arm to the top and let Aerith get off, solved!


Now you will have a large container to play with along with the arm too, of course! Here is the procedure for this one..

  • ​STEP 1) Grab the container
  • STEP 2) Move and place the container next to the wooden platform
  • STEP 3) Offer Aerith a ride
  • STEP 4) Place Aerith on top of the container. Aerith will now automatically go and collect the nearby Materia (Orb of Binding)
  • STEP 5) Wait for Aerith to obtain the Materia and then have her ride on the arm once again
  • STEP 6) Ride Aerith to the top and drop her MUWAHAHA! Nah just let her off and she will once again lower the ladder for you. Solved


For this one we will have 2 containers, 2 arms/hands and an amazing theme tune to go alongside and remember don’t give up! I think those are the lyrics anyway!

Okay lets move on..

  • STEP 1) Using the nearest arm grab the nearby canister
  • STEP 2) Take this canister and place it near the wooden walkway with the blue Materia on
  • STEP 3) Give Aerith a ride on the arm
  • STEP 4) Place Aerith on the canister that you recently moved. Aerith will now automatically pick up the nearby blue Materia (Orb of Magnify)
  • STEP 5) Once again give Aerith a lift
  • STEP 6) With the new Materia in hand take Aerith back to where she originally was, she is just in the way at the minute. We will come back to her later, be sure to move her though as we cannot pick up the container without doing so.
  • STEP 7) Now grab the container that you previously moved before
  • STEP 8) Place this container onto the other area on the lower level, basically on the yellow lines you should see on the floor
  • STEP 9) Now switch arms (Triangle – PS4), we will call the last arm that we used Arm A and this new one Arm B. Using Arm B grab the other container that we haven’t bothered with until now
  • STEP 10) Place this container on top of the other one
  • STEP 11) Switch back to Arm A and give Aerith another ride. 
  • STEP 12) Take Aerith and place her on top of the 2 containers
  • STEP 13) Switch back to Arm B and take Aerith for her final ride of this robotic arm madness. 
  • STEP 14) With Aerith on board the robotic arm express you can take her to her final destination, which is on the wooden walkway next to this very arm. Solved!

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