(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Sultan Of Squat (All Squat Challenges) Trophy Achievement Guide

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The Sultan of Squat is another trophy achievement that you can unlock, this time it requires you to complete all of the different squatting challenges.
It will become available during Chapter 9 – The City that Never Sleeps and after completing the Burning Thighs side quest

After completing so much of the story you will then be able to unlock a set of side quests, one of these side quests is Burning Thighs

It will require you to go against Ronnie in a squatting contest. In order to complete the contest and hopefully win, you will need to perform as many successful squats as possible.

The trick is to keep an eye on the small white arrow and what button it is heading for, for example if it reaches the square button then you press square at the correct time.

You will need to beat all 3 opponents and all of them in the correct order too, otherwise the ability to compete against them will not unlock. 

The order and person that you will need to compete against is as follows;

Just remember to keep the same pace up and try not to rush it even when the white cursor is removed from the screen, it isn’t too difficult.

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