FIFA 23 – Fresh Fit (Change ‘Outfits’ Tab) Guide

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Fresh Fit is yet another basic and easy trophy achievement that can be unlocked within FIFA 23. It requires players to Change an item in the ‘Outfits’ tab. This one will either reward you with 15G or a Bronze Trophy, depending on your chosen platform.

This can be done in the Volta Football game mode. The Volta Football mode allows us to play matches in order to earn Seasonal Points and seasonal rewards! Thanks to the Volta Shop we can also purchase customization items for our Virtual Pro, which can then be equipped in the Pro Clubs mode.


In order to begin purchasing customization items we will first need to navigate our way over to the Volta Football mode and to the Volta Shop.

We can do this by first accessing the game’s main menu where we will get options such as; Pro Clubs / Volta Football, Ultimate Team, Play Modes, and Customise. We want the Play Mode option, this will then give us more options to choose from.

After accessing the Play Mode option we will then be given more options to choose from including Quickplay Modes, Pro Clubs/Volta Football, Ultimate Team, New Career, and Seasons. We want the Pro Clubs/Volta Football option. We will then be left with merely two options and since we need access to the Volta Shop in order to purchase customization items our option here, really, is Volta Football.

We will now be given access to the Volta Menu section. This section will also give us many different options to choose from. However, we mainly want the Customise Option, the third option on the right. From there we will want to Change Outfit. Since our objective for the trophy achievement is to ‘Change an item in the Outfits Tab’

We will now be able to select an avatar, which is basically our created Virtual Pro player. By now we should already have one created. From there we can then change quite a few features for our player, this includes tattoos, animations, and more importantly Outfits.


As we access the Volta Menu section we should notice the Volta Shop menu. This shop will allow us to purchase goods to use in order to customise our Virtual Pro player. This includes purchasing new outfits, tattoos, and animations. So if you do not have any outfits to choose from, for whatever reason, then we can proceed to this menu and go ahead and purchase one of our liking.

In order to purchase goods from the Volta Shop we will be required to play in the Volta Squads, this will allow us to earn Seasonal Points and rewards, which is basically the Volta Shop currency.

This should then unlock the Fresh Fit trophy achievement


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