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European Legend is yet another trophy achievement that can be unlocked within FIFA 23. This one requires you to win the Champions League Final. It is worth 90G or a Gold Trophy, depending on your chosen platform.

The Champions League is one of the most popular and iconic tournaments in both football and sports history. Having first been formed back in 1992, the tournament has seen many heartbreaks, upsets, celebrations, winners, and of course surprises. So with such a long history behind it, having the all important tournament make an appearance in FIFA 23 makes for a more realistic expectation and now fans can create their own bit of history!


In order to be able to play a Champions League match you will first need to make your way over to the game’s main menu. Here we will have options such as Kick Off, Play Modes, and Customise. What we need to select here is the Play Modes option.

This will then give us a list of all of the different options that we can now play in. Options such as Quickplay Modes, Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team, New Career, and Seasons. We want Quickplay Modes

From there we are then given a selection of different quickplay modes and tournament options such as; Kick Off, Online Friendlies, Tournaments, Skill Games, and Practice Arena. Despite the UEFA Champions League being part of a tournament match, we want to actually diverse our attention to the Kick Off option instead.

From there select your Kick Off Profile Name and then we will be given our next set of options. This time it should be quite straightforward as to what option we should pick, UEFA Champions League


Now playing through the UEFA Champions League can be a somewhat long and tiresome task, I mean there is the group stages that we need to play through, not to mention the quarter and semi finals too, all before we can actually reach that much needed big final match at the end. Boring, right? Well if not feel free to play at your own pace.

However, for those that do agree that it can sometimes be rather long and grinding then do not worry, for there is a much easier and quicker way to get to the all important Champions League final.

In order to do this all you will need to do is cycle over to the Cup Final option. This option allows us to select any competitive cup tournament and skip straight to the final match. This will drastically shorten the time required to get there if we went by any other available method.

From there we should then be able to find the UEFA Champions League under the Featured Cup Finals option. (Note: As many players and fans will no doubt already know the UEFA Champions League is usually abbreviated to UCL)

We can then select any side or nationality and begin a Champions League final match. We can even select underdog teams that, unfortunately, never make it to a big Champions League final in the real world, teams like Newcastle United or even Fulham. Well at least their dreams can potentially become something in FIFA 23.

From there, to make things even easier, we can simply adjust the difficulty option. Going from Legendary difficulty, which would be okay if you are a somewhat skilled player. Alternatively we can also choose the Beginner difficulty instead. Do not be ashamed of the rookie difficulty, chances are we have all been there before right? Besides, our goal is to try and make unlocking this particular trophy achievement a quick work task, so it in a way, is somewhat necessary.

To be honest we can even go further than that too thanks to a little option which is under the difficulty option. An option known as SET STARTING SCORE.

The SET STARTING SCORE allows us to adjust how many goals are automatically given to either side. Meaning that before we even begin the game we can award ourselves with a 2 or 3 goal advantage. The highest amount of goals we can award ourselves with is 19. Yes, this might be considered cheating, still like I previously mentioned we are trying to complete this task with as little effort and time as possible.

We can also adjust the game settings too. This will allow us to adjust the length of each half. So instead of playing the normal 45 minutes per half we can adjust this accordingly to whatever suits you. This will drastically shorten the match length. The shortest length of each half is 3 minutes, making the game last around 6 minutes long instead of the normal 90 minutes. So feel free to play around with those options too.

Now we should be able to easily win our Champions League final match.


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