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Football Is Everything is a rather simple trophy achievement that players can unlock within FIFA 23. It merely requires you to play through a woman’s international football match. It is worth 25G or a Bronze trophy, depending on your chosen platform.

Whilst playing through the woman’s international football match all you need to do is play through a single match, you do not need to win the match. Any result counts towards this trophy achievement.


In order to begin a woman’s football match all you need to do is head to the game’s main menu, here we will have several options to choose from. Options such as; Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team, Play Modes, and Customise. The correct option for right now would be Play Modes.

From the Play Modes option we will then be given another set of available options, this time our options will include; Quickplay Modes, Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team, New Career, and Seasons. We will want the Quickplay Modes option.

From there our new options will include; Kick Off, Online Friendlies, Tournaments, Skill Games, and Practice Arena. Here we will want the Kick Off option

From there you will be tasked with creating a Kick Off Name. Basically a Kick Off Name helps keep track of your progress and head to head records and stats. You will not be able to progress without first creating this, it is actually regarded as a requirement.

After selecting your side, Home or Away. If you are playing solo then this more than likely does not matter too much. This comes more into play when you have a companion or a friend to play alongside. Regardless though you will need to pick one before we can then begin..


When it comes to selecting teams there are many to choose from. However, for this particular guide we want to make sure that we pick a team that is part of the Woman’s Teams.

The Woman’s Teams option should be easily spotted at the top, next to Men’s Teams. From there we can simply cycle through the various different clubs and nationalities. We should then be able to play our woman’s football match.

(Note: Though this specific trophy achievement mentions having to play a woman’s international football match. The ‘international’ side of it actually does not really matter. As long as its a woman’s football match you can play as any team you want. From a normal premiership club like Arsenal and Liverpool, to an actual international side such as Scotland or Norway. The point is it simply does not matter)


In order to make matches a little easier, or rather quicker, what we can actually do after we have successfully created our Kick Off Name is to shorten matches. I mean for this trophy achievement we will need to play the match but chances are you have other, perhaps more pressing matters to concern yourself with. So why not speed up these matches in an attempt to unlock this one as fast as possible.

We can do this by selecting a specific option. After we have created our Kick Off Name we will once again be given several more options to choose from, this time we have the following options; Classic Match, House Rules, Volta Football, UEFA Champions League, amongst many others. For the purpose of this guide however, we will want to choose the House Rules option

Even more options will pop up, yes this game has many of them to choose from. However, what you will want to prioritise is the First To… option which you can find by scrolling all the way to the right and it will be the final option at the end.

The First To… option will allow us to select how many goals should be scored before the match comes to an end. So, for example, if we set this option to a 2 then the match will come to an end once there has been 2 successful goals scored. So to hurry the process up a bit we can toggle through these, I think having a single goal scored should be sufficient.

Then as soon as the match begins we can go straight ahead and score an own goal. Like I mentioned above, we do not need to win the match for this to actually count. All that matters is that we play a woman’s football match.


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