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Girl Power is one of the many trophies and achievements that can be unlocked within FIFA 23. It simply requires the player to win a tournament with a team from the woman’s league. This one is either worth 30G or a Silver Trophy, depending on your chosen platform.

This simple guide will tell you how to complete this one whilst taking the easiest and quickest method in which to do so. Of course players can do this the normal way but to some that may come off as being somewhat tiresome and grindy, so thankfully there is a way to deal with that.


In order to begin a tournament match we will need to head to the game’s main menu. Here we will get several different options to choose from, such as Pro Clubs/Volta Football, Ultimate Team, Play Modes, and Customise. We need the Play Modes option

The Play Modes option will then present us with several playable game modes, including the Quickplay Modes, Pro Clubs/Volta Football, Ultimate Team, New Career, and Seasons. For the sake of this specific guide we will want to cycle over to the Quickplay Modes option.

It is under the Quickplay Modes option that we should now be able to locate the Tournaments option. Which is what we need in order to unlock the Girl Power trophy achievement.


Now that we have successfully managed to locate the much needed Tournaments game mode, we should now be able to get underway with unlocking this specific trophy achievement.

However, as mentioned before, going through a tournament can be a bit of a grind. Especially if it involves group stages, qualifications, and so much more all before we can actually get to the finals. Long and boring, right?

Well if you agree then thankfully there is a way around this. A way that can make this so much easier, simpler, and faster to get through.

So how does one actually get through this process in a much faster and simpler way? Well, its actually quite straightforward. First we will need to head to the Tournaments mode, which we should already be at.

This will then give us several other options to choose from, a few of which include; Domestic Tournaments, Custom Tournament, UEFA Champions League, Woman’s International Cup. For the purpose of this guide and to keep things simple we will want the Custom Tournament option

The Custom Tournament allows us to set up our very own tournament, this involves toggling around with various different options and settings. Settings that include the number of teams that you want to see in this particular tournament, the tournament name, if this tournament should involve men or woman’s teams.

Now since this trophy achievement requires us to win a tournament using woman’s teams it should be fairly obvious how we should be setting our tournament up. It should involve woman’s teams and to make things much simpler, we should include as fewer teams in the tournament as possible. Each tournament will allow a minimum of 2 teams. Fair enough.

A good tournament match to set up is also the Knockout tournament, this then forces the losing team to instantly be knocked out and if we set our tournament up to a minimum of 2 teams, this should make quick work of unlocking the Girl Power trophy achievement.


Now that we have our custom tournament partly set up and ready, there are a few more settings and options that we can toggle through in order to make our work much easier. Yes, we are not done yet.

Now during the tournament set up process you should have noticed the option for Advanced Settings. This menu will give us even more options to make our job more simpler.

The Advanced Settings will allow us to decide on how many substitutes each team can have on the bench, as well as being able to decide on what cup tournament the teams should be playing for. Feel free to play through these options but we mainly want to prioritise our focus on the Fixtures V Each Team option. After all if we are trying to get through this as fast as possible we only want to play the opposition once.


Now to further increase our chances of making short work on unlocking this trophy achievement we can then select our teams. However, what we want to really focus on is choosing a very weak opposition.

To figure out the difference between a strong team and a weak team we simply need to keep an eye on the stars under each of the team logos. There will be 5 stars under each. With the fewer stars filled in yellow the weaker the team actually is.

So a good example for this would be Arsenal (5 Stars) Vs Mexico (4 Stars)


Now this is more of an optional task that we can decide on. Though, again, it does make things quicker. This option requires us to decide on whether or not to actually play our match.

Just after we are done selecting our teams and just before we proceed with kick off, we can actually determine if we want to play the game or not. We can do this by cycling over to the Sim Match option.

The Sim Match option allows the match to be played automatically, without us needing to do anything else. As the opposition team should be the weaker team we should be given an easy victory. Completing our final objective.

However, sometimes, though on very rare occasions, the opposition may get lucky and win the match instead. Turning our attempts into complete failure. We will then have to redo everything once again. So perhaps to avoid this possibility it may be best to just simply play the match. The choice is yours to make. Either way this should then unlock the Girl Power trophy achievement


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