FIFA 23 – Power Shot (Goal Using Power Shot Mechanic) Guide

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Power Shot is an unlockable trophy achievement within FIFA 23. It requires players to score a goal using the Power Shot Mechanic. With this one we can either gain 15G or a Bronze Trophy, depending on your chosen platform.

This specific trophy achievement can be unlocked during gameplay and in any football match that you might find yourself in. Now there are several ways in which to make unlocking this one a bit more easier. This involves choosing a weaker opposition and toggling through the gameplay difficulty.


Now, as previously mentioned, it does not matter what match type that you find yourself in. If it is a season match, exhibition match, tournament match. At the end of the day it does not matter. This challenge can be complete in any match type.

However, to make things easier it might be best to actually pick an exhibition match. Just to get this one over with as quickly as possible, with as fewer headaches as possible.

We can choose an exhibition match by going into the Play Modes option from the main menu and making our way over to the Quickplay Modes. From there we simply need the Kick Off option. This will then force us to select our Kick Off Name.

From there we will have many other options to choose from but for the sake of this guide, we mainly want the Classic Match option. The Classic Match is basically the exhibition match mode.


From there we can go ahead and select our teams. A good way of selecting our teams, especially when playing solo, is to pick a weaker opposition. Now if we are playing with a friend or companion we can then help each other to unlock this one. Well at least that would be an option. Though for those who might be going solo, that, of course, won’t be an option. So make sure your opposition is the weaker side.

In order to figure out what teams are strong and which are actually weak we just need to pay attention to the stars which appear under each of the club logos. Here there will be 5 stars, some of which will be filled in yellow. The more yellow stars there are, the stronger the team actually is.

So a good selection of teams here would be Chelsea (5 Stars) Vs New England (3 Stars). With New England being an American (Major League Soccer) and weaker side, with a mere 3-stars.


Despite having already picked a weaker side in which to play against, we can actually further the difficulty even more By further I actually mean make things increasingly more easier for ourselves.

We can do this by heading to the Game Settings just after selecting the teams and before we actually go ahead and kick off the match.

In the Game Settings we should be able to locate several interesting options that can help with this simple task. Options such as; Difficulty Level. This should be set at amateur level.

We can then begin the match.


Now onto the important and necessary task of trying to score a goal using the power shot mechanic. Which isn’t really that difficult to pull off.

However, in order to actually be able to pull it off we will need to be in possession of the football and be making our way to the goal in which we can score in. Basically the opposition’s net. Though I guess we can also try to score an own goal, that will probably work too. Maybe?

Anyway once you are ready to try and score a goal, preferably into the opposition’s net, we will then need to make sure we hit the correct button prompts. The correct button prompts in order to pull off a power shot is as follows;


Playstation – L1 + R1 + O

XBOX – LB + RB + B

As long as the football goes into the net and we score a goal the Power Shot trophy achievement should then be successfully unlocked.


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