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Whilst exploring the Caribbean in LEGO Bricktales we will come across several different tasks that we will need to complete, one of which is to collect 4 coconuts for the pirate cook

We will find the Pirate Cook Francois wearing a red bandana by the cooking pot. Speak with him and he will task you with bringing him the coconuts.

However, once you do have all of the coconuts found and collected the quest will not yet be over. Instead we will then be required to repair the pig-cart.

This guide will try to explain the different tasks that the Pirate Cook will issue us with and how to complete each one.


In order to begin looking for these coconuts and to begin the pirate cook’s errands we will first need to find and speak to him. We are looking for a pirate cook named Francois.

Pirate Cook Francois is located within the Caribbean. He will be wearing a red bandana and a white shirt. We can find him near the cauldron cooking pot.

Speak to him to begin his errands. The first of which will be to find a total of 4 coconuts.


When we first speak with Pirate Cook Francois he will task us with finding all 4 coconuts. These can be somewhat tricky to spot and find but if you are quite the explorer then it might not be too bad.

COCONUT #1 – This first coconut is located on the floor next to the coconut tree.

COCONUT #2, #3, #4 – In order to get the rest of the coconuts we will have to get our hammer and disrupt the coconut tree. The coconuts should then fall out of the tree and on to the floor for us to go and collect.

Once we have all 4 coconuts Rusty will then appear and confirm that we do indeed have all of the required coconuts. Report back to the pirate cook.

Our next task will be to repair the pig-cart.

NEXT TASK: Repair The Cart


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