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Village Request (1) is one of the available Valkyrie Elysium subquests. It is a 5-star difficulty quest that is part of the Lucardan Territory

It involves monsters appearing in the Lucarda settlement and so our task will be to go out and eliminate them all.

SUBQUEST: Village Request (1)
CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – Those Offered The Hand Of Salvation
QUEST GIVER: Restless Woman
QUEST REWARDS: Arts Gauge Restoration Boost II
LOCATION: Lucardan Territory

After the scene where the team agree to help the village by eliminating these monsters we will then want to continue along the path. However, if you smash these nearby crates we can actually find some Violet Gems, should you need them. Anyway continue on.

As we start to enter a cave we will come across our first wave of monsters, eliminate them by any means possible. Then keep exploring the cave and eliminating other nearby threats.

If you head south of the cave map you should come across some breakable rocks, destroy them to find a treasure chest containing a Banish Potion x1

Continue to follow the quest marker and it will lead us to the Restless Woman, proceed to speak with her in order to tell let her know that the monster threat has been successfully dealt with.

This will then complete the quest.


According to the woman who made the request, monsters appear to be growing in numbers around the settlement in Lucarda. She asks that the monsters be eliminated to keep the village safe.

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