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Village Request (2) is one of the available Valkyrie Elysium subquests. It is a 4-star difficulty quest that is part of the Lucardan Territory. We can begin Village Request (2) after we have managed to complete the Village Request (1) quest first.

The quest involves an old man of the settlement, who is an avid book reader. He now wants us to go and find his books that have gone missing within the nearby ruins. Unfortunately this means we will need to defeat various monsters if we are to find them.

SUBQUEST: Village Request (2)
CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – Those Offered The Hand Of Salvation
QUEST GIVER: Lonely Old Man
QUEST REWARDS: Soul Gauge Restoration Boost II
LOCATION: Lucardan Territory

After accepting to do the quest Cypher will be really eager for us to complete this one, stating that she too used to love reading books. Due to this she feels sorry for the old man and wants to help him.

We will now be tasked with finding the aged books and we can do this by, first, following the quest marker through the village. Defeating or ignoring the monsters that we may come across.

After eliminating the first wave of monsters we should be able to find a treasure chest (Guard Potion x1). Valkyrie will mention that the books are not at this location. Keep following the marker to the next wave of monsters.

Continue on following the quest marker until you arrive at a red coloured treasure chest (Aged Book). This red chest will indeed contain one of the Aged Books that we need.

Once you have the Aged Books a scene will then trigger and Valkyrie will agree to take the books back to their client.

The old man will be delighted to have his books returned back to him and the quest will then be complete.


An old man of the settlement is an avid book reader, who says that a number of books remain in the nearby ruins. It is however infested with monsters, and he requests help in retrieving these books in his stead.

> Find The Aged Books


A book that appears to have been published before Ragnarok.


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