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After you have successfully managed to find all four coconuts and reported back to Pirate Cook Francois, he will then task us with trying to repair the cart. This task is part of the Caribbean stage

We will need to build this cart in order to help transport the coconuts that we have just managed to collect. Thankfully all of the required parts are located nearby.


After you have successfully managed to find all four coconuts and then reported back to Pirate Cook Francois, he will then instruct us to go and repair the cart for him. Repair ze pig-cart

In order to find the cart equipment tools and begin this specific task simply head towards the large coconut tree. The pigs here should be a dead giveaway.

Inspect the cart tools and the game will then ask us if we would like to begin building a small cart to transport coconuts. Of course we do!

This will begin the repair the cart errand task.


We will now need to create a cart using the provided tools and equipment parts. All whilst making sure that the coconuts do not spill out of the cart once we are done. So make sure it is secure and sturdy.

Some good parts that we can use are the small ones on the left, these can be placed on top of the pigs.

Then use some of the middle bottom parts to start constructing the base of the cart. Followed then by some of the much larger parts on the middle right. These can be used to construct the bottom of the cart. We will end up needing to use all of these parts.

From there we can start using the parts on the top right to construct the sides of the cart. We can combine these parts with the parts on the top middle section.

From there use one of the bottom left parts and place those on top of the pigs, this will basically be used to fasten down the cart and make sure it does not fall to bits.

Once you are happy with the cart progress we will then get our coconuts added to it. These coconuts need to remain inside the cart at all times, if even one of them falls out we will need to redo it. As long as the coconuts do not fall out at any given time we can then move on to the next section.

After successfully creating and repairing the cart we can report back to the pirate cook. Our next objective will be to build a bridge

NEXT TASK: Build A Bridge


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