Scorn – Rotating Maze Puzzle (Act 4) Guide

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The next set of puzzles that we will come across arrives in Act 4 of Scorn. This specific one has us trying to solve a rotating maze.

The rotating maze requires players to move around a small maze which is projected onto a small screen. We must move through this maze, whilst also rotating this screen so that we can continue through the maze. Hence rotating maze puzzle.

Our objective within this maze is to reach the middle, where the orange objective resides. Once we reach it we can then proceed on with the mission.

This guide will hopefully help you get through this maze so you can enjoy the rest of the game.


We will be able to find this maze puzzle whilst we are exploring Act 4 of Scorn. It will be rather close to the end of the act. After we have successfully activated the third switch.

Here we will make our way down a set of stairs and to the lower levels, where we will come across this particular puzzle.


Once you have successfully found the rotating puzzle maze you will then want to interact with the pedestal here in order to begin. Our objective is to move around and reach the orange objective in the middle.

We can do this by moving around within the maze and then rotating the screen so we can continue progressing through the maze.

In order to solve this we will want to start by heading up and then down, moving around the walls and heading south east of the maze.

Keeping heading in a south east direction across the maze, until you come across a blocked path or a dead end. Here you will then want to rotate the screen.

Rotate the screen to the right once and the blocked path will then be removed. We can then continue heading in a south east direction. Unfortunately it will not take long until we reach our next dead end.

Rotate the screen to the right once again and then we will be able to progress again. This time head up, in a northern direction. We will soon come across another dead end.

When you reach the next dead you will want to turn the screen once again so that we can continue. Keep making your way up and right, in a north eastern direction now.

When you arrive at this next dead end, yes another one, you will want to rotate the screen at least twice this time around. From there head north east once again.

From there rotate the screen another two times in order to finally reach the orange objective in the middle and complete the puzzle.

The room will then begin to shake and rumble and we can now progress on towards the completion of Act 2.


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