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When you finally arrive on Act 3 of Scorn we will come across our next set of puzzles, this time it involves having to play around with yellow light nodes.

There is a total of 2 yellow light node puzzles that will be needing to be solved. Thankfully just before these puzzles we will encounter a checkpoint, so if we fail to solve them correctly then we can reload this checkpoint and restart it.

These light node puzzles require us to rotate a mechanism around in order to reveal a yellow light. Our goal is to successfully light up the entire mechanism in yellow

This simple guide will show you how this can be done!


This first light node puzzle will appear about half way through Act 3, after we have raised the sphere and activated the left switch.

After doing that we will then encounter some enemy creatures that we will need to deal with. Also in this room will be our first puzzle.

Our first puzzle is actually connected to a small pedestal that we will need to activate. From there we will then be able to interact with a mechanical device in order to activate our yellow light nodes.

Our goal is to rotate this device in a specific order and get a total of 4 yellow light nodes to appear and connect together.

We can do this by moving the device in this specific order; Turn the middle bar x5, The middle node will now light up yellow and be activated, Turn the left bar x3, The left bar will now light up yellow,

Turn the middle bar x4, The middle bar will no longer be active, Turn the right bar x4, The right bar will now be activated, Turn the middle bar x2. All 3 nodes should now be light up in yellow,

Move the right bar x4, Both the middle and right bar will no longer be active, Move the middle bar x4, Move the right bar x2, The right bar will then be activated. Move the middle node x4

If you managed to do all of this successfully then the first puzzle should now be activated and all four nodes should be active.


We can find this next and second light node puzzle after we have completed our task with the middle switch.

Eliminate the remaining enemy creatures and then interact with the pedestal in order to begin the puzzle solving.

This time the right bar will already be light up and activated. However, we need to get the rest activated too in order to have this puzzle fully solved. There are a total of 6 nodes that all need activating this time.

We can do this by moving the mechanical device in the following order; Move the middle bar x4, Move left bar x4, The left bar will now be activated, Move the top bar x5, The top, left and right bars should now be activated.

Move the middle bar x1, Move the right bar x5, The right bar is no longer active, Move the middle bar x5, Move the right bar x1, The right bar is active once again, Move the middle bar x3. All of the nodes should now be activated.

If you have done all of this correctly then all 6 nodes should now be fully activated. Meaning the puzzle should now be solved.


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