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During Act 2 of Scorn we will encounter yet more puzzles that will need solving, this time it involves playing around with rings and locks. Hence ring locks puzzle. These puzzles basically make up all of the puzzles found within Act 2.

The mechanisms, which are basically keys, will be discoverable throughout Act 2 and we will need to use them in order to unlock various doors and other locked machines. They will play a huge part in trying to progress through the game.

Once you insert one of these keys we will then come across our puzzle. This puzzle will take shape in the form of a circled ring. This is basically the locking puzzle.

In order to try and solve this locking puzzle we will need to turn the key around in a specific order and number of times, only by doing this correctly can we unlock the required door or mechanism.

Anyway there is a total of 5 ring lock key puzzles that we will need to find and solve altogether.


Our first key can be found on a body by a wall, shortly after heading through the desert and making our way inside the building. Inspect this body to then be able to locate the required key.

We can then use this key on the mechanism door next to the body. This will then begin our first puzzle. In order to solve it we will need to insert the key into the mechanism and begin turning it in a specific order.

Now after inserting the key you might have noticed that there are little symbols that move around as you turn the key. We need these symbols to connect to each other. This can only be done by moving the key around in a specific order.

Feel free to try and solve it yourself but chances are you are here because you cannot work it out, don’t worry as we have you covered! For the remainder of this guide I will be referring to these symbols as ‘puzzle rings’.

When you first insert the key you will notice that, for a very brief time, these puzzle rings are connected before then moving and going their separate ways. We need to connect them again.

In order to do this we will need to turn the key as follows; (We are going in a counter clockwise direction) – Left x2, Use (This will connect the first puzzle ring), Left x2, Use (This will connect the second puzzle ring), Left x1, Use (This will connect the final puzzle ring), Left x1, Use (All of the puzzle rings should now be connected and facing north)

Well done you have just completed the first set of puzzles within Act 2. These puzzles are basically very similar throughout the level. Only the final puzzle is a little different


Head into the room with the strange red plant in the middle and use the first key on the mechanism to remove the gate here. This will also cause the red plant to begin moving. From there proceed to ride the elevator lift up to the next floor.

Head right and up through a tunnel, use the mechanism at the end to form a larger and longer tunnel that we can now go through. We want to continue north, so choose the tunnel opposite you. Continue on

Head right from there and we can begin our next puzzle.

This next puzzle is a bit more trickier as one of the puzzle rings keeps on moving, meaning we need to watch it and time the Use button correctly so we can set it in place and actually stop it from moving.

As the puzzle rings will keep on turning even after you have successfully managed to stop one, we will not be able to turn the key in one set direction this time.

Anyway they way in which we need to turn the key is as follows; Left x2, Use (When the puzzle ring lands), Left x3, Use (When the puzzle ring lands), Right x4, Use (When the puzzle ring lands), Right x1, Use.

All of the puzzle rings should then be connected and facing north to complete this one.


In order to find out third set of puzzles within Act 2 we will need to turn and head left from the previous puzzle. Heading through the tunnel once again and activating the mechanism at the end, in order to extend the tunnel. This time we want to head west, so head through that tunnel.

We will then come across some rather sharp spinning blades. Ignore those and continue on. Keep going right, ignoring any other paths in our way and we will come across a plant. Head left from the plant and rip out the plant’s tentacles.

Make your way back to the spinning blades, you will now notice that by ripping out the plant’s tentacles these spinning blades have now stopped moving. Head through these blades and continue left. Follow the path up and to the next puzzle.

This time the puzzle rings will be moving but much more slowly, making it somewhat easier to stop when needed. For the most part we can also turn the key in a single direction, unlike last time, with the second puzzle.

The correct way to turn the key this time is as follows; (We are turning in a clockwise direction) – Right x4, Use (This will connect the first ring), Right x2, Use (Connect the second ring), Right x2, Use (Connect the final ring)


In order to find this puzzle we will need to head right from the previous puzzle and ride the elevator lift down. To the lower levels.

Then use the mechanism outside of the elevator and get our hand trapped for a while, feels good doesn’t it? Then use the next mechanism here to open the door. Continue along the path and head left. We will actually be in familiar territory.

This is the location where we managed to find the key and our first puzzle. Now make your way back to the strange red plant once again. Then ride this elevator back up.

Head through the tunnels on the right. Activate the mechanism at the end and choose to go north, through the tunnel directly opposite. To where puzzle #2 is located.

Opposite puzzle #2 is where we can find a body, go ahead and inspect it. Then toggle with the mechanism that this body was laying against. This will activate a sort of ball bridge below. Point this strange bridge structure east and connect it. Heading east is the only direction that we have yet to actually travel in.

Now that the eastern path has been unblocked we will then want to head up the passage tunnel on the right. Then activate the mechanism at the end. For now choose the northern tunnel to go through, the tunnel directly opposite. This will lead us to our next puzzle.

For this particular puzzle some of it will remain covered, meaning that we will not be able to fully see the constantly moving and rotating puzzle rings. When they hide behind the cover we will need to remain focused for when they reappear again.

Thankfully these puzzle rings do move around rather slowly so despite only being able to see half the puzzle, in all honesty this puzzle should still be rather easy to solve.

As for where to turn the key and in which direction then an easy way to do this is to turn it in the following directions – Right x1, Use (Connect the first ring), Right x1, Use (Connect the second ring), Right x2, Use (Connect the third ring).

For the third ring we will not really be able to see the ring when we try to connect it due to it being covered. So you will need to use muscle memory and strategy to connect this final piece.


In order to find the final puzzle we will need to return to the tunnel from the previous puzzle, here activate the tunnel mechanism. We will then want to head west, so activate the tunnel on the left.

Continue to follow the path and half way across this platform you will then want to turn and head left. Then ride the elevator down to the lower ground once again. We will now be back with the strange red plant.

At this strange red plant we will want to activate the ring mechanism, the plant will then begin to move, so too will the ring mechanism. Go ahead and activate this next mechanism that the rings are now attached to. Here is our final puzzle.

This puzzle is a little different from all of the previous ones, it looks a lot more complex and complicated too. However, it isn’t too bad as long as you know what you are doing.

Basically we need to move the white balls and connect them to the red balls within the mechanism. We can do this by – moving the white balls down x2, Left x1, Up x4, Left x1, Down x4, Left x1, Up x2, Left x1, Up x2

That should complete all of the Act 2 puzzles in Scorn


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