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Mother, Where Art Thou? is one of the available Valkyrie Elysium subquests. It is a 5-star difficulty quest that is part of the Lucardan Territory.

It involves having to deal with a crying spirit of a child who is tragically lost and our job is to find and reunite them with their mother.

For this quest we can be rewarded with an Ambrosia.

SUBQUEST: Mother, Where Art Thou?
CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – Those Offered The Hand Of Salvation
QUEST GIVER: Child’s Spirit
LOCATION: Lucardan Territory

After accepting to do the quest Kristoffer will admit to being concerned about the child’s spirit. Realizing that it might also be easier to purify if they can stop the child from crying. The team agree to go and try and find the mother.

We will start this quest right opposite a bunch of monsters, fight and eliminate them all. From there keep following the quest marker.

When you reach the stairs there will be several waves of monsters here waiting for us to fight them, go ahead and do so. Then after disposing of those make your way up these stairs.

Continue towards the quest marker and you will end up finding yet more monsters, these are the final wave of monsters before completing the quest.

After defeating them proceed and speak with both the child’s spirit and the mother’s spirit. They have now been successfully reunited.


The crying spirit of a child appears to have gotten separated from their mother.

> Find the spirit’s mother


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