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Perfect Shot is one of the unlockable trophies and achievements within A Plague Tale Requiem. It requires players to find and shoot all of the pine cones

We can try and unlock the Perfect Shot trophy achievement during Chapter 1 – Under A New Sun. Here you will reach a small stream where Hugo will attempt to throw pine cones into the water. Your task is to aim and shoot at these pine cones.

This specific trophy achievement is also regarded as being missable. Since you don’t really need to shoot at them in order to progress. However, for the trophy achievement you do.

TYPE: Bronze Trophy, 15G
CHAPTER: Chapter 1 – Under A New Sun
SUB-CHAPTER: A Long Journey
OBJECTIVE: Defend King Hugo’s Kingdom

During Chapter 1 – Under A New Sun and when you are tasked with having to Defend King Hugo’s Kingdom you will come across a small stream.

At this small stream we will be forced to stand behind a log, which is apparently Hugo’s frontier. Hugo will then claim that the enemy ships are coming. These enemy ships are basically the pine cones.

Whilst at this stream Hugo will attempt to throw pine cones into the water, our task is to aim and shoot at them all. He will throw around 4-5 of them in total.

In order to aim and shoot at them we will need to use our slingshot. We can prime our shot using the RT or the equivalent button. Depending on your chosen platform.

When you begin aiming your shot you should notice a yellow target lock, this indicates what you are actually aiming at. Make sure this is pointing at a pine cone.

Whilst aiming and shooting at these pine cones we will need to remain standing behind the tree log and try to make sure that none of the pine cones come anywhere near it. This can be quite tricky considering that these cones are continuously moving due to the water stream.

After you have managed to eliminate enough pine cones another kid known as Tonin will appear and ask if they can join in. To which both Hugo and Amicia will accept. However, this also means that we now have even more pine cones to deal with. Both Tonin and Hugo will continue to throw pine cones. Eliminate them all.

Both Tonin and Hugo will throw around 15 pine cones into the water altogether. Meaning by the end of all of this we should have managed to eliminate a total of 20 pine cones. Poor pine cones.

(Note: Ignore the first pine cone that is already in the water. This one does not count. Only the pine cones that have been thrown by Hugo and then both Hugo and Tonin will actually count towards the trophy achievement)


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