A Plague Tale Requiem – All Collectibles (Chapter 2) Guide

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A Plague Tale Requiem has many available collectibles that players can find and collect. Collectibles such as souvenirs, feathers, flowers, and secret chests

Getting all of these will net you with the following trophies and achievements; Immortal Memories, Ornithologist, Herbalist, and Explorer

There are a total of 21 souvenirs, 7 feathers, 10 secret chests, and 5 flowers to find altogether throughout your adventures through A Plague Tale Requiem.

This guide will show you the locations to all of the collectibles throughout Chapter 2 – Newcomers.


NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – A Burden of Blood

COLLECTIBLE: Souvenir (Best Player)
CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Newcomers
SUB-CHAPTER: Arrival In The Town
OBJECTIVE: Walk To The House
GUIDE: As you are tasked with walking to the house you will find yourself having to make your way through a busy market area. Whilst in this market area one of the vendors will call you over to try out a mini-game. This mini-game will involve you having to knock down as many cubes as you can. You will get this souvenir for completing the mini-game.

COLLECTIBLE: Souvenir (Be At Peace)
CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Newcomers
SUB-CHAPTER: Confrontation In The Stands
OBJECTIVE: Follow The Order’s Symbols
GUIDE: During the ‘Follow The Order’s Symbols’ objective you will find yourself searching through an underground area. We will find this next souvenir just up the stairs and to the right. Here Amicia will find a survivor. This survivor will mistaken Amecia for someone named Alice.

COLLECTIBLE: Flower (Arrowhead)
CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Newcomers
OBJECTIVE: Reach The South Tower
GUIDE: We can find this arrowhead when we arrive at the vegetable garden. Where it can be found next to a wooden bucket.


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