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During Act 1 of Scorn we will come across a room that looks like a dead end. It will be located at the end of a tunnel and will feature various different mechanisms, ladders, eggs and this is basically our crane egg puzzle that we need to solve.

This puzzle room can be reached after we have got our hand trapped inside a mechanism and unlocked a door, which then leads to an elevator lift that we can proceed to ride up.


Though this particular puzzle does not have any official name it does feature cranes and eggs. We can find this puzzle quite early on in the game, shortly after riding up an elevator lift. During Act 1.

Once this lift reaches the top floor we will find ourselves in a bit of a dead end and the only way to actually be able to progress is by solving this puzzle.

This puzzle can be somewhat confusing at first as there isn’t any clues as to how to solve it. All we are left with are various nearby mechanisms, eggs, and a crane that we can move around.


In order to be able to actually solve this puzzle we will need to play around with the various mechanisms on the platform. These mechanisms all control the different cranes in the room.

To begin with we will want to move the crane on the right, so proceed with this by interacting with the mechanism on the right. This will then control the required crane.

Move this crane down to the second row of eggs and grab and move them to the right. Then pick up one of the eggs on the lower level and take it to the white glowing egg on the top level. To the left. This glowing egg actually represents an empty slot for where an egg should actually be. So place an egg inside here.

After you are done doing all of that we will then want to focus our attention on the middle mechanism and crane.

By interacting with the middle mechanism we can then watch the crane move and take the egg that we just placed and drop it into the depths below.

Now turn back to the crane on the right and use it to grab some more eggs in the middle row. Place them underneath the empty egg slot.

Then take the eggs on the bottom row and place them next to the egg on the bottom row on the left (as seen in the image above – Part 2)

Moving on, take one of the eggs on the bottom row and place it one spot to the right. Then place another egg next to it. Then we need another egg next to the one on the far left. (As seen in the above image – Part 3)

Now place another egg just above the last one. Turn your attention to the lower section and there should be some eggs that are connected to each other. Move these and place them on the row just above. (As seen in the image above – Part 4)

Now take the eggs on the very top section, to the left. These eggs should be connected to each other. Place them on the very far right, on the very bottom section.

Then take the eggs on the middle section, that are connected to each other, and place them just above the last set (As seen in the image above – Part 5)

Then take the eggs that are on the middle section, just under the empty egg. These eggs should also be connected to each other. Place them on top of the last set.

Now we will need to individually move the eggs on the left, under the empty egg. Move them all to the right. (As seen in the image above – Part 6)

All of the eggs should now be on the right and away from the empty egg, which should now be all isolated.

Our next objective is to grab a set of eggs that are connected to each other, vertically, and place them into the empty egg at the top right. (As seen in the image above – Part 7)

Now turn your attention to the middle crane once again. This time the crane should be able to grab the egg and place it in to its actual destination. (As seen in the image above – Part 8)

You will know if you have managed to do all of this correctly as the crane will take this egg and turn it around, revealing that something sinister might be lurking within the egg.

This will then complete the puzzle.


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