(FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach – All Circuit Breaker Locations (Music Man – Repair Robot Head) Guide

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One of the many main missions within (FNAF) Five Night’s At Freddy’s: Security Breach is Repair Robot Head. Here you will be tasked with having to find and activate circuit breakers in order to restore power.

The problem is that Music Man will be chasing you, as too will Chica or Monty (depending on your currently completed mission status). Also, to make matters even worse the circuit breakers are not marked on the map and thus require you to find them.

There is a total of 4 circuit breakers to find and activate, the fourth one being a bonus find after successfully finding the others first.

(Note: The music during this is really good, sorry but I really felt the need to add this ha!)

Anyway below is a simple guide on how to find them


  • After loosing power whilst exploring the security office, we will now need to activate the circuit breakers in order to restore power once again.
  • We can do this by heading back to the elevator near the golden Freddy statue, then from there head north west to find the Music Man, who is currently sleeping.
  • Here activate the circuit breaker on the wall next to the Music Man


  • We will now need to find the necessary circuit breakers, of which there will be a total of 3 to find.
  • The first one can be found in the men’s bathroom. In order to find it, simply head north of the Music Man area and it will be at the end of the path here, before turning left. Chances are you ran past it to get to the Music Man earlier.
  • The circuit breaker can be found in the side room of the bathroom itself.


  • Roll the amazing music!
  • We are now stuck inside the bathroom as the Music Man is right outside, not good. Actually we are not stuck at all. In order to escape the bathroom simply head out of the other door, Music Man isn’t aware that the bathroom has two doors.
  • From there head towards the stairs to the second floor but do NOT head upstairs. Not yet anyway…
  • Just to the left of these stairs, on the wall by the many arcades is the next breaker. Head up the pink stairs to find it.


  • The third breaker can be found on the top floor and by heading left
  • Here there will be small tunnels, which Music Man will be using to climb through. Just under one of these tunnels is our next breaker.


  • Just when you think its all over there is always one more to find.
  • In order to find this one make your way back to the security office and head down the long path to the right of the office.
  • Again there will be tunnels here, in fact these tunnels are even bigger somehow..
  • The circuit breaker can be found at the end of the path here, by the extra large tunnels. Activate it.
  • Now when you try to leave the area Music Man will appear, run for it!
  • Run all the way back to the security office in order to end the chase.


  • Reboot the West Arcade – DJ Booth
  • Reset 3 breakers scattered across West Arcade


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