(FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach – Mission: Let There Be Light Walkthrough Guide

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This page is dedicated to bringing a complete walkthrough guide to (FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach, and more specifically the Let There Be Light mission.

This walkthrough will guide players on how to complete the various missions, objectives, and any hidden collectibles and secrets.



  • There is a total of 5 generators that we need to find and turn on. However, we need to do all of this without being caught by Moon, who is on the prowl after having transformed from Sun. Well he did warn us.
  • Anyway all of the generators can be found in the play area and in order to find them we can follow the black pipes that are attached to them.
  • In order to find the generators you may be required to climb up slides. If you find a black pipe though, then you are going in the right direction.
  • To make it easier, whilst the lights are still on you can always try to distract Sun and then head into the play area and search for the generators that way. Then when the lights go out you will hopefully remember where they are.


  • After activating all of the necessary generators Sun and Moon will disappear, for now. Meaning we will have time to gather our bearings. Head to the desk and recharge the torch using the Freddy machine on the wall and be sure to save your current progress
  • Hit the button next to the door in order to trigger another scene and Chica will be our next threat to try and avoid.

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