(FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach – Mission: No Re-Entry Walkthrough Guide

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This page is dedicated to bringing a complete walkthrough guide to (FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach, and more specifically the No Re-Entry mission.

This walkthrough will guide players on how to complete the various missions, objectives, and any hidden collectibles and secrets.



  • Now that we are locked in here we have no choice but to explore the mall some more. However, as Chica is nearby lets use the plates on the nearby table to distract her. This will help us get past the next section.
  • Since we grabbed the Complimentary Entry Pass earlier we should be able to pass through the barrier and into the Lobby.
  • Near the giant golden Freddy Fazbear statue there will be a carry bag containing the Easy Money message
  • Try not to get caught by any security bots whilst we are here otherwise they will report to Chica. Also, if you get caught you will loose all of your collectibles that you got prior to your last save.
  • Anyway by the elevator here we can find yet another present, this time containing a Chica Name Shirt
  • Head up the escalator on the left and then turn around and head through the double red doors. Follow the cafeteria area to reach another carry bag with a AC Inspection message
  • Now head through the only door we have yet to go through and we will find ourselves in the kitchen. Use the plates to cause a distraction
  • In the corner of the room there will be another present with a Glam Chica Plush
  • Continue through the following green door and down the stairs.
  • Head through the door next to the Lost and Found, we will now be back in the Lobby once again.
  • To the left of our location there will be a bright yellow machine, interact with it in order to upgrade our entry ticket.
  • Unfortunately the machine decides to eat our ticket and we are now left with no tickets, hmm.. so much for that..
  • Destroy the nearby plates and lets go and explore, we need to find a way to hack into the machine.


  • In the middle of this area there will be a set of lockers and a carry bag containing the HI DAVE message
  • Continue on and we will come to a locked gate however, if you turn your attention to the wall next to the gates you should notice a button. Press the button to unlock the gate. Do not go through it
  • After unlocking the gate return back upstairs, as the Glamrock Gift shop that Freddy told us about can be found up there. It is on the second floor balcony
  • Once inside the Glamrock Gift shop navigate your way downstairs, trying to avoid detection from the security bot here.
  • Once downstairs there will be a present on the Mystery Prize stand (Mr. Hippo Magnet), we will need this to fix the ticket machine
  • Insert the magnet into the ticket machine and we will now get the Daycare Pass


  • Feel free to return to the Main Entrance and save if you want, otherwise we will need to redo everything again if we get caught.
  • Return to the second floor balcony and you should be able to spot the Daycare room (Superstar Daycare Pick-Up)
  • Once in the Daycare area head through the second door on the right (men’s bathroom) to find a carry bag with the Night Terrors message inside
  • Just behind you will be another gift box this time containing the Freddy Name Shirt, it is inside the cubical
  • Exit the bathroom and head through the metal shutters next to the save point
  • In other news and completely off subject, sort of. However, apparently this page said I have done a total of 666 words whilst playing a horror title, should I be worried? ha!… … .. No lie it really did.
  • (Note: You can also find the Sun Plush at the water fountain inside the Daycare area. Thanks to Angel for pointing this one out. If you happen to miss it then don’t worry as we can come back for it later)

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