(FOTNS) Fist Of The North Star : Lost Paradise – D-Sides (Side Quest / Sub Stories) Guide

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Whilst playing the Cocktail mini-game a guy named as ”Old Timer” will randomly appear in the Bar. Usually quests found in the Bar are people often found by themselves.
Anyway serve him a drink. Upon doing so he will tell you of a dispute he had with his daughter and he is now worried if she will ever forgive him, he also has a tape in his hands but nothing to play it on.
Kenshiro is now tasked with trying to find a tape player. Head out into the Wasteland and track down the Tape Player (it should be marked on the Map).
From here take it to the Junk Shop whom will attempt to fix it, from there return to the Bar to complete the Sub Story.

ACTIVATED AFTER: Playing Cocktail mini-game

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