(FOTNS) Fist Of The North Star : Lost Paradise – Manual Transmission (Side Quest / Sub Stories) Guide

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Return to the Highland Village. Walk around the Well and head for your buggy to leave the place and you will be interrupted by someone who claims to be interested in Kenshiro’s Buggy.
He mentions that the Buggy isn’t operating at full capacity and he will help with that if you manage to complete a few errands for him.
One of which is to get him a specific drink. The drink he wants is the ‘Supreme Whiskey’ in order to get this you will need to go to the Cocktail Bar and raise the rank of the Seed Shop merchant to at least level 2.
Once the Seed Shop owner has reached level 2 you can then head to his shop and buy the ‘Supreme Whiskey’.
The next task you will need to complete is to get a Potato Snack, this one is much easier and simpler than getting the drink. 
You can easily buy a Potato Snack from the Bazaar, a Crisp packet will do and they are rather cheap. With both the drink and crisps in hand return to the man in Highland Village to end the quest. 

ACTIVATED AFTER: After beating Sub Story 25 – An Old Man’s Dream

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