Genshin Impact – Present From The Past (Side Quest) Guide

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As expected with any typical RPG game these days, Genshin Impact also comes with a ton of optional side quests that you can try and complete.

One of these side quests is Present From The Past which is available whilst exploring the Bishui Plain, Liyue

It will involve searching for more ingredients within the ruins

  • LOCATION: Bishui Plain, Liyue
  • TYPE: Story Quest
  • QUEST GIVER: Xiangling
  • PREREQUISITE: Complete Lucky Find


  • In order to trigger this quest you will need to complete the Lucky Find side quest. Then we will need to Catch up to Xiangling in the ruins, you can start your search by heading to Bishui Plain, Liyue
  • Here you should head to the waterfall nearby and then next to this waterfall there should be the entrance to the ruins, this will be what you want to use (Secret Ingredient)
  • Fight your way through the ruins and eventually you should come to a boss (Cryo Regisvine).
  • Defeating the boss will result in the quest ending


Xiangling took a keen interest in the rumor that the ruins contain a gigantic Cryo Regisvine, and ran inside to investigate. Worried about her safety, you quickly follow the impetuous chef.


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